I’m sorry but Wonder Woman did have a movie made within the past five years. Just feel the need to point that out. (And…

one animated Direct-to-Video movie while Batman and Superman have gotten multiple ones really isn’t worth bringing up, sorry. Especially since it’s used as an excuse as “why she doesn’t sell” and was altered from Gail Simone’s script to be fifty percent “The Amazons are so unfair to men!!!” In no way was it for the ladies.


one thing I did see before notification block is that the Wonder Woman comic doesn’t aim towards men (or pander)

and i can confirm from experience it does. This is coming from someone who loves Wonder Woman nearly as much as I love Sailor Moon, with the intensity that could power a sun, who has many WW comics. Who respects the hell out of the character as one of my favorite fictional heroes.

When WW was created, it was the intention of her creator to appeal to girls and himself . That is a fact. A huge portion of her readership was girls and they were considered a valuable audience.

DC however, has in recent times outright stated it is not considering women as an audience, that it is targeting men, as a company. DC has stated this. Wonder Woman’s comics are not an exception to this rule. Currently her comic would be in line with the company’s aims, and DC as a company has outright basically said, many times, many ways “fuck women, we don’t want them.” That is a big reason why I gave up on comics. 

And it shows in the current Wonder Woman comics, where the Amazons are now man-abusing rapists and Diana has had her origin altered to include a father as the source of her power.

There are runs of Wonder Woman I would recommend to women. I think Greg Rucka and Gail Simone considered women as an audience.

That doesn’t change that current WW comics are made to appeal to men and men are the main audience. That is DC’s company line. It’s dishonest to pretend otherwise.





I’m laughing too hard not to reblog this.






I’m laughing too hard not to reblog this.

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A handful of Lois and Diana moments.

(From Wonder Woman #36-40, Wonder Woman #170, Teen Titans/Outsiders: Secret Files and Origins 2003, Superman #661 and Adventures of Superman #628)

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Justice League: War’s Wonder Woman is awesome (minor spoilers):

  • She doesn’t take shit from people who dislike how she dresses. She wears her outfit because she feels powerful and comfortable in it.
  • She literally does not care about meeting with the president and doesn’t gush over Superman’s compliments, but she WILL care and gush and share ice cream with a little girl she just met.
  • She straight up keeps killing shit while all the boys in the team are fighting amongst themselves. Ain’t nobody got time for bullshit and infighting.
  • Greek mythology references are awesome.
  • Everybody in the League tries to hit on her and she shades them all. Mostly because she’s disappointed that none of them can keep up with her.
  • Not only is she able to keep up with the rest of the League, she’s considerably faster, smarter and more powerful than all the guys. She ends up leading them all into combat in the final battle. And she’s the only one to fight evenly with Darkseid, blinding him without assistance, whereas everybody else, including Superman, got curbstomped.

She is such a great superhero and role model and if you don’t love her you can get out.

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vehrec asked: I think it's been said that Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman are american in different ways, with Supes being a second-gen immigrant, WW having come of her own will as an adult, and Batman being about as WASP as you can get. Do you think the various levels of immigration help them to achieve some of their identity? Seeing Diana react to Ice Cream made me think of this-Yes, she sees the problems in our world-but she also sees what makes it great and enjoyable, because she's an outsider.

Yeah, I definitely do think that shapes some of their identities. Batman comes from a place where he has no idea what it’s like to be an outsider, where he’s always been accepted and privileged. He’s used to the idea of control and suspicious of people he can’t control- his animosity towards superpowerful people and other “outsiders” and the millions of backup plans he has because they’re “dangerous”- he’s terrified of Superman etc. because he can’t control him, and he’s used to being in such a position of privilege and power socially that well, he’s a control freak and he always thinks he’s right and pushes his views on others.

Superman meanwhile- he’s very much American, but comes from a working class background and also has the knowledge he is a bit of an outsider and might be regarded with suspicion when people find out his ancestry. Early versions of Superman had him taking down war profiteers and stuff, he was a bit of a social rebel, but DC’s toned that down. Superman isn’t really interested in control- he wants people to accept him and feel comfortable and safe. He’s not actively trying to change the world, he wants to save it.

Which reminds me be of a conversation Wonder Woman has with Lois that kind of touches on the issue in one comic. Superman is afforded a lot of privelige because he’s a dude and just looks like another white guy- he’s not visibly alien, and nobody knows he’s not from this planet as Clark. He was raised here, he can blend in. So he is also very privileged, about as privileged as he could be in this situation. That’s why he rarely sees the need for change.

Out of all of them, Wonder Woman is the one who’s actively interested in social problems, gets socially involved and tries to change the system. She is an outsider to this culture, period, and she’s treated as one. However, she’s made friends and found people she loves here, so it’s like her second home. Wonder Woman can see the problems pretty starkly because she comes from a culture where she was NOT treated as a second-class citizen on the basis of her gender to one where she is. She knows what it’s like to be treated as a whole person, and she wants every woman and oppressed group to know that feeling. It’s very much like someone coming from a country where they are considered the norm or possibly even considered privileged, only to be treated far differently in another country and find themselves afforded far less priveliges. They are by nature, a bit more aware of the prejudices because they can see the contrast. 

So of course, Wonder Woman is the one who’s interested in social change. She doesn’t want to save the world, she wants to change it, because she sees that this system is wrong. At the same time, she can also gets to experience things she never got to experience before by moving to this new culture- stuff like ice cream. And because she is looking at these things with fresh eyes, she finds such joy in them, more joy than someone who grew up taking these things for granted would.

So yeah, it is really fascinating when you look at the three of them, and really, these are ways I I find both Superman and Wonder Woman (especially Wonder Woman) more interesting than Batman, and these are specifically things that make their characters interesting. 


i feel you diana

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Are you familiar with Dresden Codak’s (Aron Diaz’) dc redesigns?  I’d love to know your thoughts on his take on Wonder Woman, as well as the rest (since you seemed so interested in the Justice League movie).

The link is just a small sampling, but he’s done a lot more.

He also went to great lengths to lay out the groundwork for a Zelda game where Zelda herself is the protagonist:


Again, would to hear your thoughts.

Eh, kinda meh. The only redesign I super like is Starfire’s, if only because I do agree her original outfit is ugly (nothing to do with the skin it shows, it’s just tacky looking and makes no logical sense- George Perez was never the best at costumes, despite all his other strengths) and like the cartoon one better. His commentary doesn’t really impress me with the whole “stripper” comments and all.

I’ve seen better Wonder Woman redesigns, and honestly, I don’t like the idea of her being a living statue- that bring up way too much “doll” and “puppet” imagery and she’s neither. She’s not inhuman, she’s incredibly human. The “made of clay” thing is a callback to a lot of creation myths about humans, it isn’t meant to be taken literally. And I’m firmly against losing the lasso, okay. Everyone is way too obsessed with the bondage thing, it’s only such a huge deal to everyone because it’s something to titter about, it’s definitely not something that’s *holding her back* from success like this guy seems too think- nah, that’s DC’s absolute refusal to market her properly and the sexism of TV and movie execs towards having a female lead hero. Oh, and the complete refusal to understand that being raised on an island of all women doesn’t mean she “hates men” so any origin story has to focus on “teaching her men are all right”. Pretty simple.

Can’t speak much on Ms. Marvel because I’m not as familiar, but the redesign she eventually did end up getting in the comics proper seems better than what he came up with.

And honestly roll my eyes whenever anyone gets all “but he’s an alien!” Superman’s vlassic design- the look was based off 30s strongman performers which makes sense and is memorable, and of course it’s reminiscent of America- SUPERMAN WAS RAISED IN AMERICA AND HIS MOM MADE THE COSTUME.

The Zelda thing looks really cool though. I’m not really familiar with the games, but from an outsider perspective, it looks neat and I would play it.

He’s certainly a very talented artist, we just have a severe difference of opinion in regards to Wonder Woman and I can get protective about her.



WonderWoman is super chill to her fans


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