Route Venus

Naoko Takeuchi always writes the most badass image songs. It is her gift I guess. She created these characters so she NAILS THEIR ESSENCE.

This is Minako’s and omg it is so badass and heartbreaking

 Open that door 

In the time that’s left 
Take a deep breath 
Lift your eyes 
Stare straight ahead 
Give your last kiss 
And start running

Since Naoko wrote it, even tho it’s an anime image song, I see it as happening after the Ace ordeal. In fact, all of the songs she writes read very much like the manga version of the characters. See the one for Usagi I posted, where she talks about being the last one standing and fighting somewhere far off. That’s true for the anime too, but it reads more manga-y to me. Ugh wish I had the skill to make a  manga amv but.

Truth is 
A wind 
The dark is being torn away 
Your heart is stopping 
The roads are splitting 
Destiny’s Star has decided 
Your choice is 
The white ROUTE 

See the thing I love about Minako’s decision to prize her duty/love for her friends above all is it’s her choice, and I really think she eventually sees it as a positive thing as it’s framed here. It’s the truth, it’s the wind, the dark is being torn away and she’s taking the route only she can take. ALSO THIS IS SO EPIC AND DRAMATIC MY GOD.

We soar to the future 
Don’t be misled

I mean the way it’s phrased is so empowering. She’s creating her future, she’s soaring and she’s part of a community. The “don’t me misled” is where it really reads like the thing with Ace to me, where she was almost manipulated down a path that wasn’t right for her. “No! You are not the one I’m supposed to protect!” 

*The sea spreads out 
The wind shakes you 
It’s a little cold but still 
Start running

Ugh, this is so haunting, but still so beautiful and hopeful? She knows it’s going to be hard and cold, it comes with pain like any choice does, but she has to go for it. She’s going run towards her fate.

Your duty 
Don’t forget 
Who you love most 

And that captures the essence of Minako’s decision to be a Senshi to me. The reason she feels this obligation is because Usagi and her other friends are truly number one in her heart. She loves them the most, that’s just how it is, and that’s why she made the choice even though it’s hard. This is how she will be happiest, personally.

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