My Mom has a crush on Tuxedo Mask


We are watching Stars right now and she is complaining that Mamoru’s not in it. Like every episode she is like “WHY IS HE NOT HERE WHEN DO WE GET TO SEE HIM AGAIN SHOULDN’T USAGI GET HER LETTERS BACK WITH RETURN TO SENDER STAMPS”

And I was like “he is dead right now okay not until the end and I guess Harvard just throws away letters they get from hyper Japanese chicks and in the manga they were never delivered”

We were on a walk and she mentioned for the fortieth time “I like this season but I wish Tuxedo Mask was in it I can’t believe we don’t see him until the end. I BET PEOPLE WERE REALLY UPSET ABOUT THIS WHEN THIS SEASON AIRED.”

So I was finally like “Okay, do you have a crush on him?”


Congratualations, Mamo-chan, you’ve still got it.

I sort of have a crush on him too

A crush on what a dork he is

But Haruka is doubtless my biggest crush.

people are reblogging this and now I’m like AW MOM

i’d forgotten all about this this was years ago!


oh btw my dad apparently has a crush on Tuxedo Mask too?

Basically I rented Whisper of the Heart from the library to watch with Mom a few nights ago but we wouldn’t have time to watch it and watch Buffy over dinner so I was like “okay dad this is a really sweet story so you won’t like it but you just have to deal with it”

and he’s like “for you I would watch anything. I would even watch Sailor Moon like 24 hours. (he doesn’t like Sailor Moon because he’s terrible) By the end of it I would be in love with Tuxedo Mask. Actually I probably already am. He’s a good guy, the kind of guy I’d want to be with”

Me: …you’d have to rescue him a lot. He’d be brainwashed half the time.

Dad: It would be worth it.

so that makes both my parents who have expressed a desire to be with Mamoru.