oh btw my dad apparently has a crush on Tuxedo Mask too?

Basically I rented Whisper of the Heart from the library to watch with Mom a few nights ago but we wouldn’t have time to watch it and watch Buffy over dinner so I was like “okay dad this is a really sweet story so you won’t like it but you just have to deal with it”

and he’s like “for you I would watch anything. I would even watch Sailor Moon like 24 hours. (he doesn’t like Sailor Moon because he’s terrible) By the end of it I would be in love with Tuxedo Mask. Actually I probably already am. He’s a good guy, the kind of guy I’d want to be with”

Me: …you’d have to rescue him a lot. He’d be brainwashed half the time.

Dad: It would be worth it.

so that makes both my parents who have expressed a desire to be with Mamoru.