I’m going to try to keep this roundup on schedule k so I’m laying a little of it up

Next up, this week or next week is: Michiko e Hatchin

After that:

Nausicaa manga and movie

IFFY IN BETWEEENS: I think I’ll do shorter posts on Kamekaze Kaitou Jeanne and AngelBeats! here split pretty evenly between pros and cons.

Read or Die


heeey this looks good


definitely have to check it out. SOUNDS LIKE ALL MY FAVORITE THINGS.


The great Feminist Manga and Anime list- How it’s gonna go down

Here’s how it’s gonna go down.

I’m going to do a megapost for each series. There will be a brief summary of the series basic plot and then I’m going to go through how it fares with seperate categories.

Women and Gender  This category may be subdivided into characters, plot, themes and authorship. It’s going to focus on representation of women and gender roles and what the story says about it.

LGBTQ  This will analyze the LBGTQ content of the work and how it’s presented if it’s presented at all, and talk about how characters identifying LGBTQ are treated

Race and Culture This will talk about how race is treated in the anime and how non-Japanese are represented. I won’t really bother caring about how Caucasians are treated if they’re present, but focus on the treatment of darker skinned characters and other nationalities. Most anime takes place in Japan and the majority of the characters tend to be Japanese, as Japan is only 1% minorities. Obviously the Japanese count as POC and therefore most manga you read will have a predominantly POC cast (I will state if this is not the case), but you can expect Japanese to be well represented in manga, so discussing that is moot. The treatment of other traditionally marginalized races and cultures is what requires looking at.

Disability This will deal with the representation of people with disability and how disability is treated within the text.

 Weight This will deal with whether there is any fatphobia or fat-positive characters.

Awesome Things Any awesome things I may have missed that make the manga and/or anime feminist and worth looking into

Triggers Anything that might trigger someone in the work. I’ll try to be thorough about this, if I miss something, please tell me.

I’m going to start off with some relatively obscure stuff everyone might not know about- Michiko to Hatchin, Serei no Morbito, Princess Tutu etc. Though you can expect posts on FMA and Sailor Moon and the like naturally

List of the undeniably feminist friendly series I’m starting out with (this is only stuff I’ve completely finished). More will be added on including more iffy series and especially as I finish stuff, but these are the definites.

Sailor Moon

Revolutionary Girl Utena (anime)

Twelve Kingdoms

Fullmetal Alchemist 

Madoka Magica

Nausicaa manga and movie

Miyazaki movies

Serei no Morbito 



Read or Die (anime)

Princess Tutu

Michiko to Hatchin


For the record, manga/anime I’ve read/seen I’d put on the list


Stuff with strong female characters that actually seems to confront gender/race/other roles and purposefully send a feminist message:

Sailor Moon

Revolutionary Girl Utena (anime)

Twelve Kingdoms

Fullmetal Alchemist (Winry and Olivier do directly call out and challenge gender roles a couple of times. Racism is also heavily discussed) 

Cardcaptor Sakura

Madoka Magica

Nausicaa (manga and movie, and other Miyazaki movies as well)

Serei no Morbito 

Skip Beat!

Library Wars

Stuff with strong, central female leads:



Michiko e Hatchin

R.O.D the TV (and the Read or Die OVA)

Ouran (though thanks to some major fuckups-mostly the beach saga- this does not meet feminist criteria despite direct challenge of gender roles)

Kamekaze Kaitou Jeanne (seriously iffy sexual assault issues tho- same as Ouran)

Summer Wars (I really liked the bait and switch where the girl who was initially treated as just a love interest turned out to be a badass needed to win the final battle)

Bamboo Blade (so far- and it does challenge gender roles a couple times so it might go in the other section eventually)

Princess Tutu

Stuff that treats women pretty decently:


Azumanga Daioh (female leads)

Inuyasha (so far- I’m a bit iffy, honestly I got so pissed off at how Miroku treated Sango that’s why I fell off reading. But Sango and Kagome remain awesome, I just don’t like how the boys treat them)

Edit: Oh man, Story of Saiunkoku! I’ve actually seen that, and it definitely confronts gender roles with the female lead so. I can’t place it right now though because I never finished it)

I just realized I didn’t put Princess Tutu on my feminist anime/manga list

why did someone not say something!!!

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So I’m making a list of anime/manga I need to see/read, mostly based off feminist recs


This is so I can actually do this series of posts well.

Here’s what I’ve got so far:



Eden of the East (watching)

Pretty Cure (watched most of. love it.)

Romeo X Juliet (watching)

Black Lagoon 

Magic Knights Rayearth (anime. I’ve read the manga, it’s good!)

Skip Beat.Dropped. It sorta qualifies.


Otougi Zoushi

Please Save My Earth

Paradise Kiss (tried first volume, wasn’t especially impressed- will try again sometime.)

N.G. Life

Bride’s Story (reading. Beautiful art)

Beast Player Erin

Taisho Yakyuu Musume


Alice 19 and other stuff by Yuu Watase

Gokinjo Monogatari



Maria-sama ga Mitegeru

Ojamajo Doremi

Ai to Yuuki no Pig Girl Tonde Buurin

Aria the Animation

Serial Experiments Lain

Kaleido Star (watching)

Super GALS

El Cazador de la Bruja

There’s also stuff I’m in the middle of, like Ghost in the Shell and Bamboo Blade, that is really good so far. 

I know there’s a couple recs I’ve gotten here that I’ve forgotten by now…anyway, anyone have any more suggestions.


feminist friendly manga/anime post! LONG POST!


going to link this back to @adventures of comic book girl for her list, but first I need to write them all down!!!

Triggers are mentioned, but if you read this and see that I forgot a trigger please tell me!!! ETA Double Arts!!!

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Hey everyone! Check out this list, it’s by a person who knows their stuff!