So the reason why I created/uploaded this gifset is because I wanted to talk about my feels for this scene. If you wish to reblog this gifset without my ramblings, or ignore them all together, then that is perfectly fine :)

So without even analyzing this scene, it’s already pretty damn dramatic; Usagi watches helplessly as her daughter is taken to an unknown place. But I was watching this movie the other day, and I remembered that in the English dub of this scene, Chibiusa reaches her hand out of the end of the gondola and screams “Mama!” as she disappears from sight. And it absolutely destroys me.

Because, yes, Chibiusa is a Senshi. She is the heir/successor to the most powerful woman in the universe. And one day, she will be Queen of Earth. But at the end of the day, she is still just a child. And while she makes fun of/bashes Usagi all the time about how she’s a bad mom or that she’s nothing like Neo-Queen Serenity, at the end of the day, Usagi IS her mother. And like what all children do when they are terrified, Chibiusa calls out to her mother.

Now, let’s talk about Usagi. I think this scene shows a lot of development for her. Just think of all the other times when someone she loves has been in danger. How has she reacted?

The first scene that pops into my head is when Mamoru is taken away by Fiore in “Promise of the Rose.” Usagi reacts by running after him, and screaming out his name. When she realizes she’s helpless, she collapses in the middle of the street and breaks down crying. But who could blame her? If the love your life/future husband was near death and being taken away from you, you’d be pretty damn upset, too.

So it would seem only natural that she reacts in the same way when her daughter is being taken away from her. And at first she does. She runs after the gondola, screaming Chibiusa’s name. And when she realizes she’s helpless, she starts shaking uncontrollably. And it looks like she’s about to cry. But she doesn’t. She just looks away for a second, and regains her composure. Even while Chibiusa is still calling out to her, Usagi doesn’t break. She’s being strong for Chibiusa, so that Chibiusa will know that everything will be okay; that she’s coming after her and will give the enemy hell when she gets there.

TL;DR: I have all the mommy/daughter feels in this scene.


Also, I love dramatic moments in the movies especially because they were always so beautifully done, animation-wise.


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