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Patronus by ~Frenchwolf26 

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Guess who’s in the mood to thoroughly sort some Senshi? I did this before, but that was very brief and I’ve made some adjustments since then. Plus I came across this awesome Harry Potter House Psychoanalysis post that I’m eager to apply to these characters.




Intelligent and insightful, Ravenclaws are not ones to classify people under any certain category. Instead they often ponder on humanity, what is good, what is evil and why we should classify people as one or the other. Ravenclaws are very philosophical, and often you may see them simply staring off into space, but this is not in some brainless manner, in fact they are exploring the gears of their mind and trying to figure out how the world works. Ravenclaws are focused on their work, but they often don’t need effort. They tend to pick up on every detail and remember it without even trying, something that others may be skeptical of or be jealous of. This can give some a sense of superiority and the idea they should tell everyone the right way to do something, which can easily make others, especially nervous Hufflepuffs or emotional Gryffindors, very irritated. Ravenclaws arevery analytic, and this can be very good or very bad. For the kind-hearted this will be a way to help others, for the dark they can use this to twist and manipulate. Ravenclaws are not every emotional, instead they tend to put up a wall and not let anyone in except for perhaps their closest friends or family. Instead they pick at the minds of others, trying to figure out how they work and to see if they themselves are different, or just the same as everyone else. Psychologists, professors and investigators are often Ravenclaws.[bolding mine]

Sailor Moon character’s I’d place in Ravenclaw: Chiba Mamoru, Kaioh Michiru, Meioh Setsuna.

I had initially, and perhaps lazily, placed Mamoru in Gryffindor (him being Mr. McChivalry and all) but I think in retrospect Ravenclaw makes a lot more sense. I think one the reasons I had in Gryffindor before is that I CAN see him being reckless and tunnel visioned for the sake of protecting someone (R Breakup? Hiding his illness in the manga’s Dream Arc?), but I don’t he wears his emotions on his sleeve. To be honest, I’m still torn, but for now let’s just say he’s a Ravenclaw. He is nothing if not the introverted, wall-putting-up type. Analytic, philosophical (obviously he spends all that time “staring off into space” thinking up new battle haikus), intentionally or unintentionally gives off an air of mental and/or moral authority.  I can see all of that in him. He certainly has a way of irritating others without meaning to. Mamoru has an acute sense of what his strengths and weaknesses are, and is smart enough to know holding back and letting someone else do what he can’t is just another way he can come out on top of a situation.

Michiru, I think, is THE prototypical Ravenclaw. She was probably the easiest for me to sort, in fact. She is intelligent in a multitude of ways: traditionally, creatively, and tactically. She has the polish, wit, and intuitive awareness befitting a Ravenclaw. This is someone, I think, who’s mind never rests because she, like Mamoru, is always guarded. It’s well trained to get what it wants without arousing suspicion. What solidifies her as a Ravenclaw in my mind is that I can see her entertaining questions of moral ambiguity and reserving judgement in a way most of the other Senshi can not.

Setsuna’s kind of another duh! Ravenclaw. Mysterious, cryptic, all-knowing, blah blah blah? No brainer.


Essentially, Hufflepuffs see the world and their people as ultimately good, and only the darkness of the inevitable turning them away from what they think is right. Because of this, they tend to treat everyone fairly and with sympathy, trying to put themselves in the other person’s shoes before judging them, if they judge them at all. Hufflepuffs are almost always maternal or paternal types, ready to take care of anyone who may come to them. They are dedicated to what they do, and are very focused on making sure everything is done properly, leaving no room for error. Mostly, Hufflepuffs think what they do is right, and Ravenclaws who doubt them may annoy them, but Hufflepuffs hate conflict, so they tend to ignore their irritation. Hufflepuffs are very passive aggressive, doing little things subconsciously when someone makes them angry. This is usually the farthest they will go so far as revenge, as they rarely want to participate in any form of violence. Hufflepuffs are healers in nature, wishing to care to the needs of others. Many nurses, cooks, teachers or counselors are Hufflepuffs. [bolding mine]

Sailor Moon character’s I’d place in Hufflepuff: Tsukino Usagi, Mizuno Ami, Tomoe Hotaru.

Usagi is totally a Hufflepuff. She’s not the out to get anyone, to be better than anyone, or debase anyone. She has an unwavering trust in the goodness in people that can make others uncomfortable or write her off as unbelievably naive. Although she is not the biggest or the brightest, she is relentless in making someone happen if she has her heart set on it, this usually being protecting someone she loves or standing up for friends and enemies alike. She’s the caretaker, and as Chibiusa put it, “Sailor Moon is everybody’s mama”. 

Ami is also a Hufflepuff in my eyes. I know what people are thinking, how could I not sort the Soldier of Wisdom into Ravenclaw? Blasphemy! But hear me out. I think Ami is a super genius Hufflepuff the way Hermione was a super genius Gryffindor. I do think knowledge is incredibly important to Ami, but not in the way it may be for a Ravenclaw. Ami is not interested in intelligence for intelligence’s sake, but for the sake of making it useful to others. It’s a means of communicating her true nature, that of a healer and a friend. She’s not interested in mind games. Ami, like Usagi, has an almost unnaturally kind and forgiving soul. True to Hufflepuff nature, she values honest, grueling hard work and focus over an easy way out. 

Hotaru, I’ll be honest, I was really confused about placing. I’m still confused actually. It was either Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw, and I’m still not sure I made the right choice. I see her having the calm, the questioning, and the foresight of a Ravenclaw, but also the gentle nature and resolve of a Hufflepuff. I think she’s difficult to place because subconsciously I still think of Sailor Saturn and Tomoe Hotaru as two different people, the former being a Ravenclaw, and the latter a Hufflepuff. Meh. If anyone has any ideas for her, I’d love to hear them!


Slytherins have a more cynical view on the world, and believe that there is darkness in the hearts of all, some are just unwilling to accept it. They think anyone who doesn’t realize this is naive or perhaps even stupid, and because of this they can easily clash with Gryffindors or laugh at Hufflepuffs. This said, Slytherins are absolutely in no way evil, some are actually very good. They simply have a drive that carries their life, and if you get in their way you better watch out. Slytherins have an almost bloodthirsty craving for success, and if they don’t think they can achieve this then they can easily fall into a darker place of  self-loathing and take this out on others. Love and accomplishment are the two things that mean the most to them, and they do not understand that the need for the latter can drive away the former, and when the feeling of pride fades or they fail at something, their possible lack of something dear and close to them can hit, and when it hits it hits hard. Slytherins are very emotional, however unlike Gryffindors they very rarely show it. Instead they bottle it up, using it in other ways, some of which may be artistic. Slytherins can very easily connect to art or music.Slytherins usually pick one subject they feel for and stick with it, rather than focusing on them all. This can be an issue academically, and some Slytherins may even drop out of school, but despite this their ambition will drive them to doing something they love, or they will have a downward spiral into depression. Lawyers, doctors and artists are often Slytherins. [bolding mine]

Sailor Moon character’s I’d place in Slytherin : Aino Minako, Tenoh Haruka

Minako may seem like an unlikely Slytherin at first, but I think on closer inspection, it’s amazing how well she fits the criteria. Minako, perhaps more than anyone, has a drive for her success and fulfilling her duty that others should be scared of lest they get in the way. She is all eyes on the prize, as a civilian and as a soldier, and this resolve is what makes her fit to be a leader. Minako knows what she is good at, and channels everything she has into it, as both a challenge and an escape from her emotions, which I think she’s an expert at hiding or making light of. I think she has a very real, very strong desire to love and be loved, but can not believe in sacrificing her equally strong desire for success in order to attain it. Maybe the only thing that doesn’t really fit is the cynicism, because I don’t think Minako is cynical at all. 

Haruka, on the other hand, is as can be quite cynical, or at least put on a show of it. The way Michiru is a prototypical Ravenclaw, I think Haruka is a prototypical Slytherin. She’s plays smooth and in control on the surface, but underneath she is volcano waiting to erupt. When there is a possibility that she may lose something important to her (Michiru, Usagi) she freaks out. I think Haruka feels shameful about showing her emotions because she doesn’t know what to do with them, so she projects that into her racing. She’s addicted to speed an real life is too slow for her. She knows what she’s good at and will be damned if she’s not the best at it. Clash with Gryffindors and laugh at Hufflepuffs? Been there, done that. 


True Gryffindors have a very strong sense of what is right and what is wrong, and this is a part of what gives them such strong opinions. Depending on the person, this may be taken to a Borderline degree, and they may see people as either good or evil, not in between and no chance of redemption for those on the darker sides of things. Alternately, Gryffindors may see all people as being initially good, and only making the wrong choices take the down the wrong road. Both of these behaviours are why Gryffindors and Slytherins can easily clash. Gryffindors are usually incredibly intelligent, but they tend to be slackers, more focused on getting a taste of something new than sticking to responsibility. This can be their downfall from success, or quite the opposite, bringing them a rise up into something they love. Once they find their true place in the world, Gryffindors will often use their accomplishments to the benefit of others in some form or fashion. Actors, singers and athletes can often be classified as Gryffindors. Despite their good intentions, they can also quite often be ill-tempered and overly emotional, which is their Achilles’ Heel in most instances. A darker Gryffindor may become out of control because of this, hurting those they love or holding a grudge for many years. [bolding mine]

Sailor Moon character’s I’d place in Gryffindor : Tsukino Chibiusa, Kino Makoto, Hino Rei

I kind of love that Chibiusa’s not in the same house as either of her parents, because while she definitely has qualities from both, she’s her own little babystar. She has Mamoru’s intelligence, and Usagi’s iron will, but she’s probably a little more rash and hotheaded than them. She’s more likely to develop a bit of an ego and be a bossy-pants, but at the end of the day she furiously believes in goodness and knows her friends are more important than anything.

Makoto is classic Gryffindor: strong, courageous, and sometimes reckless. She’ll cause hell for anyone who dares to think that they can mess with something she believes is right or important. She doesn’t hide anything. She’s eager to spoil and share with the people she loves. She wants to protect her friends AND make them stronger, and that makes her a force to be reckoned with.

With Rei, I struggled between Gryffindor and Slytherin. I chose Gryffindor ultimately, because she is the Soldier of Passion, and I can’t see her bottling up the way a Slytherin would. She’s indignant, quick to judge, and certainly has strong opinions about right and wrong. Her temper is legendary, but often her rage comes from a selfless place. She is not afraid of getting in anyone’s face, even if that be someone she loves, if it for their own well-being.

And that’s that! Phew! At least until I get the urge to start sorting minor characters/villians (God help me!). These are totally my opinion and in no way definitive (not that’s there’s a reason there would be a definitive Sailor Moon/Harry Potter crossover sorting anyway, other then to satisfy my own geeky curiosities….). Not everyone’s a perfect fit, but I think that would be impossible to do anyway. It was fun trying though!

I typed this all in  one frenzied sitting, so if there’s any glaring typos or things that don’t make sense, there you go. Imma go take a nap now.

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