so, basically, they weren’t looking for a native american actress to play a native american character. ok.

and the tweet is real, too. good lord.

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As you can see, Paula Deen is a true victim of racism, not like George Stinney.


As you can see, Paula Deen is a true victim of racism, not like George Stinney.


espanolbot reblogged your post honestly though i think the reason tum… and added:

Kind of ironic people say it doesn’t criticise Imperial Japan, considering Miyazaki came under fire recently for

Yeah, as far as i know Miyazaki is publically pretty anti-imperialist, so I’m expecting the movie will have some of that tone

For the record, Isayama’s beliefs aren’t just a reading. A Korean newspaper unearthed that he outright stated in his private twitter really disgusting beliefs re the Japanese massacre of Koreans, even stated that it benefited Korea (and yes it was definitely his, since it tweeted about stuff on dates only Isayama would know about them). Yeah. Any nationalistic, imperialistic undertones to Attack on Titan are likely purposeful in light of that.







Tough Guise: Violence, Media & The Crisis in Masculinity

with Ed. M, Ph.D Jackson Katz

Same for mass shootings which are almost entirely done by white males.

If it was done by, literally, ANYONE ELSE of any other race or gender, I can’t even IMAGINE the shit that would be said by people.

I read somewhere, someone had this theory that the reason shootings are mainly committed by white males is because when women or poc feel alienated, depressed, etc, we are trained to keep it to ourselves, whereas white men are raised with a sense of entitlement that allows them to make their own problems everyone’s problem.

I wonder if it is true for shooting or for road rage or both or neither.

the bolded!

We watched this in Media Literacy and of course most of the guys eye irritated and said it was stupid

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This is messed up.



A mother found out that her twin sons—one of whom is blind and has autism, the other of whom is wheelchair-bound from cerebral palsy—were being seriously abused by their father and his girlfriend. When she refused to let her sons go back to that abusive home, a warrant went out for her arrest. Now, she needs your help.

Help Audre’y Eby save her sons.

This is a Sioux woman fighting to save her children from her ex-husband and his girlfriend, both of whom are white. Clearly, CPS favors the horrifically abusive white couple over the boys’ Native mother. Please spread the word and consider donating toward Eby’s court fees to gain custody of her sons.

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This week in The Nation an article (not linking it here; there are donotlink links on Twitter though) was published called “Feminism’s Toxic Twitter Wars,” by Michelle Goldberg, the same woman who wrote a piece defending Lean In (which bell hooks critically examined for what’s really going on) and worse, a piece defending Justine Sacco (remember her, the White woman who thinks its a hoot that AIDS is an epidemic in Africa). Though the title would make it seem like this piece is about the abuse that feminists of all backgrounds face, and how it is acutely different for Black women, women of colour, trans women and sex workers for example, no, it was not about this. It was about ignoring structural power, downplaying the history of racism in mainstream feminism, and pretending—once again—that intersectionality is not about what we LIVE but an inconvenience for White women. It’s primarily false equalization and a lack of accountability for how White privilege shaped their feminism and feminist projects in 2013. The gaslighting is strong in this one. 

I sent the tweets above when I first encountered the article, which specifically names @Karnythia (I mentioned her in my Top 20 People On Twitter and Top 25 Tumblr Blogs In 2013 post) and somewhat posits her as some sort of “leader” of the “problem” of feminism, versus a passionate, brilliant, critical thinker who is hilarious, kind and focused on her community. I addressed a similar hit piece (which also named @Karnythia; this isn’t an accident; #solidarityisforwhitewomen is her creation; her work is meaningful, powerful and has reach; some within mainstream feminism want her silenced) in my past essay: Requiring Accountability For Racism and White Supremacy Is Not “Bashing” White Feminists

Let’s be clear, this is a BUSINESS for White feminists in the mainstream. @redlightvoices pointed this out in her piece: “Misogofeminists” and The White Men Who Profit From Silencing CritiquesThis isn’t just about Goldberg’s piece, but a pattern reflecting a system that benefits the State. In response to Goldberg’s piece, @Crommunist wrote: On “Toxic Feminism” - The Nation and The People and @prisonculture with @andrea366 wrote: Interlopers on Social Media: Feminism, Women of Color and Oppression. Both are worth reading. 

When White feminists’ greatest “fears” are responses to their NATIONALLY PUBLISHED ARTICLES and openly shared politics (as they hide behind the White supremacist construction of “the delicate flower” who is “afraid to speak,” that the “angry Black woman” [an ableist construction by the way, let alone misogynoiristic] is out to get) for which any reader can respond to—and that “fear” becomes magically acute whenever the person responding is a Black woman, yet their greatest fear is not someone like Hugo Schwyzer (who magically escaped being deeply critiqued in the toxic feminism article; how?), it is clear that White supremacy matters more than anything else. Oh, speaking of Hugo, he supported Goldberg’s article. As did Joss Whedon and Dan Savage. Not surprising. Liberal White men LOVE feminism when it is about White supremacy. It ends up affirming their power anyway, versus deconstructing patriarchy. (I don’t want to hear a thing about Savage being gay. He still has White, cis, and male privilege. He still regularly shits on the rest of the LGBTQIA community who aren’t White and gay.)

If the discussion is not going to include structural power and media representation, how feminism as a business model reaffirms White supremacist capitalist patriarchy, how White feminists themselves falsely equalize the misogynistic abuse that they get from White men with Black women rejecting their racism (which I discussed in: When Some Of The Cis White Women Who Are Abused Online Are Also Abusers) or the simple fact that they are doubling down on treating Black women and other marginalized women as intruders in "their" feminism—as problems that are ruining their “calm” echo chamber in the hall of White supremacy—then there really is not a discussion. 

I’m not going to write any suggestions for “resolving” this because White supremacy is the hinderance, not my “tone” when I reply to White supremacy. Besides, right after #solidarityisforwhitewomen, @Karnythia herself wrote about what it would take: After #SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen: So You Want To Be An Ally, Now What? Apparently this is not of interest to many White feminists. Why would it be? It’s much easier to cash a check from careers built on centering their privilege versus dismantling oppression. 

Black women are a common target in and outside of feminism—targeted by just about everyone—because of the social location that we occupy. While people may spend time arguing about how Black women’s “tone” when responding to oppression is not “nice” enough, people would do well to remember who actually has what power. Even as social media broadens who can speak (which naturally upsets the privileged), it is does not eradicate structural power. White women use the White supremacist construction of their womanhood as a weapon against Black women (as @bad_dominicana pointed out before) even as they suggest that White men oppress them with that construction. Harm us and then claim they “fear” us. Use the enormous power that they have while claiming that they are without power. This is violence against Black women. This is what is toxic. And it existed long before Twitter ever did. 

Related Essay List: 2013: A Year Of White Supremacy and Racism In Mainstream Feminism

*edits after the fact: Correct spelling is ‘Sacco’ not ‘Stacco;’ correct co-writer for @prisonculture is @andrea366. not @andreagrimes

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Most important NFL commercial to date!



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Alright you guys listen up. This is really REALLY important so just do me a solid here and take a minute to read this okay.

A few years ago, a good friend of mine named Whitney Mitchell became extremely sick and had to have both arms and legs amputated. She was given a 12% chance to live but she fought through it and she’s one of the bravest and most beautiful people I’ve ever met in my life.

Today, her mother sent me a message on Facebook saying that Whitney had been targeted by a website called Chimp Mania. I’d never heard of it, so I did some research, and at just a glance I was immediately disgusted. Just the RULES for the website are awful beyond words.

The forum thread for Whitney is mocking enough, calling her a “shefreak” and saying she “plans to knuckle drag again.” The comments say some pretty stomach-churning things, but I decided to leave a lot of them out. A lot of them were photoshopped pictures of Whitney from when she was in physical rehab, replacing her legs with things like fried chicken legs and a map of Niger. This is the only thread I even bothered looking at and I could barely stomach it.

There is a petition to get this website permanently deleted. I don’t know how much good it will do but it NEEDS signatures. It’s got barely any right now and I don’t want this blatant vomiting on human beings to continue.

Here’s a link to the petition: http://chn.ge/1dectHH

This bullshit has gone on long enough. The fact that it exists in the first place makes me sick to my stomach. Please take a moment to sign this petition.





This website has been up and running for a long time. Much like stormfront it is a hate website, but this website targets individuals, and crosses any line of what should be considered “free speech” and is obviously hate speech. Please. This is too much. This person has gone through so much already. 

This is why when people complain on this site about black even TALKING about racism, and when they complain about white girl Starbucks jokes, I seethe.

This is what WE have to deal with, people creating entire websites dedicated to calling us animals. This is why I laugh at those Starbucks jokes, and literally give negative shits about people who say “well no one should make jokes about ANYONE” because clearly y’all never seem to find the people that run sites like the one mentioned above to call them out, otherwise they wouldn’t exist.

Do you know how this feels? Do you know how this fucking feels? Being viewed as subhuman? That sites like this exist? That they target disabled women of color for no other purpose than having the audacity to be born black in this world AND suffer from terminal illness?

I really don’t know what else to say. I feel sick to my stomach. I feel this shit in my bones.

Every single one of you that can had better sign this fucking petition, or unfollow me.

Shit like this is why I can’t be worried about people who get made fun of for being blonde.


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The Great Feminist Anime and Manga list: Kyousougiga



(in which I already wrote most of this review in my writeup of the Fall 2013 season so I might as well make it it’s own separate post)


What is Kyosougiga?  

Kyousougiga is “a tale of a certain family, a tale of rebirth”. Basically it’s about a broken and mixed up family made up of colorful characters (including gods and demons) trying to figure out how to piece themselves back together while being in charge of a fantastical mirror city of Kyoto.

The parents of the family have gone missing-The parents are Myoue, a mysterious priest who has the power to bring his drawings to life and their mother, Koto, a black rabbit drawn by Myoue who of her own accord fell in love with Myoue and borrowed the body of the bodhisattva in order to help him (with a price!).

Their three children are: Yakushimaru, the only human child in the family, a depressed guy who is forced to take over as head priest Myoue in his father’s absence- Yase, a demon girl the Priest drew and bought to life- and Kurama, another drawing the Preist bought to life. Their parents have been missing for a while when a young girl also called Koto turns out of nowhere, armed with a magic hammer and on a mission to find a black rabbit she claims is her mother.


The anime is technically 11 episodes long with two “special” episodes (one’s a live action special where three voice actors from the show visit locations in Kyoto and give background and information about the real life influences and research that inspired the settings, plot, and characters in the show, the others just a recap of the entire story at the end, entirely skippable with no new info)

 However, Episode 0 is entirely skippable, it’s basically an ultra condensed and confusing version of what happens later on in the series anyway- because it’s just a reairing of an OVA that was created before Kyousougiga became an official series. It will probably only confuse you and put you off, so if you do wanna watch it,watch it after you see the first six episodes. So really, the main series is just 10 episodes. It’s told non linearly, but most of it makes sense by the end- it unfolds spectacularly and has a lot of rewatch value.

Great characters, an interesting storyline, lots of emotional pull, thematic consistency, colorful, dynamic and often beautiful animation and clearly a lot of research and thought put into it. It’s bizarre, it’s unique, it’s heartwarming, it’s heartwrenching, it’s funny and most of all it seems like it’s full of love and really carries its theme of family through. There’s also a lot of religious symbolism, philosophy and bits of Japanese mythology and history woven beautifully expertly into this tale, so an outsider to the culture could end up learning some fascinating new things! I know I did.

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Because great feminism really would come from a culture where they sexualize little girls and rape (tentacle porn) and where they sell used girls underwear in vending machines.


are you for real

hey, you know what other culture sometimes sexualizes little girls and romanticizes rape? American culture! English culture! Etc! And yet, sometime those cultures produce progressive media. Wow how is that possible my mind is blown it’s like…cultures are capable of good and bad things??? Because they’re made up of people who all have different values, not some fucking hivemind??? omg????

the background of your blog says something about smashing white supremacy, yet wow are you really feeding into it.



I figured most of my Facebook friends would miss out on some of Martin Luther King, Jr’s quotes that are less palatable for complacent America. So I made some aggressive and hard-to-ignore photos to bomb their feed with for today.

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