Harry Potter’s parents, much like Bruce Wayne’s parents, are only interesting when they’re dead.



They are, all four of them, beige as hell. Generic good parents.

i always liked the canon (headcanon?) in which the Wayne parents are actually only remembered fondly because they’re dead, but that in life were cold and overbearing.


you know

lots of money

and waspiness

But Lily and James were fighting an evil overlord


I mean as kids James was a jerk who played massive pranks and trolled everyone and helped create the Maurauders Map and bullied Snape mercilessly and was bffs with a werewolf and was an unregistered animagus so he could help out his bff werewolf.

a lot of those qualities are not good at all but I can’t imagine you’d call them all boring

plus Lily seems like she would be really cool, she stuck to her convictions and shook Snape off when he was being a creeper, considering that she was smart and strong spirited and apparently had a good sense of herself and sense of humor, but also kind of tended to be around jerks, if she’d been given like any development she could have been really interesting

I’m not saying they aren’t very underdeveloped in the books (being dead and all) but the multitude of Maurauders fic and fanon out there shows a lot of people are interested in Lily and James and had a lot of potential and can be made fairly interesting.

I agree that the Waynes basically exist to be dead and it’s damn hard to make them interesting though.


did Lily make a pun?

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