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what if I just spam you all with Korrasami videos.


Asami and Korra-  ”Bad Girls” by M.I.A.

It’s completed! A video for the full song. Season-wide spoilers, tons of Asami and Korra badassery. About a month’s work went into this (because I updated it almost every time a new episode came out and then was like rearrange rearrange), so… yep. I can’t do fancy stuff, but I think it ended up fitting together pretty well.

I really hope these two and their friendship develop a lot more next season.



Verdict: Problematic as fuck in many, many ways.

Korra feels like she is nothing without her bending. She can’t accept Mako’s (half-assed as it is) love because she defines herself totally by her bending. Without it, by her standards, she’s not worthy of love.


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i would like to take a moment to revel in glory of my queen, asami sato.

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why mako’s behavior is unacceptable and should not be dismissed on the account of his gender


 I was told that I just wasn’t looking at Mako ‘from the male perspective’. I find this advice interesting, because I previously had no idea you could make cheating, neglect, irresponsibility, and callousnes somehow sympathetic by looking at it from the ‘male perspective’. I am especially sure that the male perspective and the female perspective on cheating actually align perfectly, seeing that both genders seem to get really ticked off about it for exactly the same reasons. So, let’s look at the cold hard facts of what has happened in Asami and Mako’s relationship so far:

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cool-nebraska-gay replied to your post: As a POC, Korra really has been a major disappointment to me. When the show was first being pitched we were promised this flawless badass WOC who was going to be at least as competent as Aang and Korra just… Isn’t. She hasn’t really done much other than lose fights and mope about Mako (Who also could be shoved off a cliff and I would not care at all). Her character has been executed piss-poorly and I don’t think another season or two is going to help that much :\


Her moping about Mako seems pretty limited to episode four, and like, one sad look in episode seven anyway right? Mako mopes infinitely more about her.

Meanwhile Aang moped about Katara in the Season 2 finale, in the episode before the Day of the Black sun, in Ember Island Players…like a lot.

Not that I’m fond of moping either or how they’ve handled it, but it’s definitely not a big part of her character. Meanwhile Mako’s entire being at this point is “neglect my girlfriend, mope about Korra”.


I do agree I want WAY more focus on POSITIVE ladyfriend relationships in this show

I want Asami and Korra to get closer, I want to see a lot more of Korra and Lin. That’s all I want, screw everything else, especially romance.

Thart said, while I’m dissapointed certain characters aren’t really being used to their full potential or developed properly, the only characters I’ve actually soured on are Mako and Pema. Pema because she was like “yeah, go ahead and go for that girl’s boyfriend” and wow not cool, and she hasn’t made any sort of turnaround there. I don’t hate her or anything but I hate that the writers put her in that position. And it would sure be nice to see that she has friends and hobbies and stuff as well, but nope, the writers will just have her there to manufacture drama.




and they tyically include Lin and Asami and Tenzin which is great but don’t include Korra

I mean what exactly did she do wrong? She hasn’t really responded to Mako except for saying she’s glad he’s here, and she really hasn’t gotten a chance to talk to Asami on her own, so.

idk it just make it…

It’s not that she’s done anything wrong. Personally for me, it’s that despite being a really hotheated, active lady she’d wound up being really passive in the storyline. It’s like the last time she went and did something big was going to confront Tarrlok two episodes ago. She’s not bad, but when you’ve got Lin and Tenzin and even Asami (hell, even the airbabies!) going around having character development and being all proactive and stuff it makes Korra fall into the background. I don’t even feel I really know Korra at all, and she’s meant to be the main character! It’s not dislike, it’s wasted potential. Up to this episode, AMON had been more effective and proactive than Korra when it comes to effecting change and actually resolving a bunch of conflicts (Tarrlok, the Triad leaders, Ferrets vs Wolfbats).

For what it’s worth, I feel the same about Bolin, a character who made a really good first impression on me. There’s just not currently enough depth to either of them for me to really care about them on more than a superficial level at the moment.

Well, she confronted Tarlokk, then she got kidnapped, then she broke out on her own and she went to save Tenzin (which is the same thing Asami did in this episode). I don’t really get the passivity there?

IDK I think her character has more depth that anyone elses by virtue of being the main character. They’ve been pretty consistent that she feels really inadequate as the Avatar and she’s struggling with a lot of responsibility and can’t handle the idea of failing, that she grew up isolated and is naive as a result, so she’s really new to the confusing feelings regarding Mako and doesn’t really do well handling them, that she thinks her entire worth rests in her ability as a bender and she’s terrified of losing that and by extension is terrified of Amon. She usually covers her own fear with aggression and forced happiness, and she can completely lose herself in anger and desperation to prove herself (see the reaction to Tarlokk). But she also has an ability to do well under pressure and think logically, and that might be her path to actually controlling herself.