one of the comments though

"when they said ship everything they really meant it"

17 hours ago

yeah because shipping two people the same age who have actually, y’know, met, and bonded, and as of last episode are starting to become friends and will be living together and are impressed with each other and one party has called the other “beautiful and elegant” and “amazing”…qualifies as “shipping everything”

Korra/Asami won’t happen yes

but just because they are women doesn’t make the ship unusual. It’s not Korra/Amon-like, not based on people who hate each other, or have never met, or are fudamentally incompatable. here’s mutual respect and they may even become bffs. If they were a het, you can bet people would be theorizing they’d get together and the fact they are into the same person would just be even more shipping fuel.

but it’s femslash so shipping them is somehow so surprising and weird and unnatural!