words can’t describe how much I wish this had been in the show

This scene solidified Greed being my favorite Homunculus way before GreedLing ever showed up.

exact same this scene made me fall in love with Greed like



he is worried about hurting the feelings

of the kid he kidnapped

best homunculus

also the fact he CONFABS with his GANG about it like and they give him advice about  sensitively dealing with CHILDREN and the guy in the back ground going “oh my” like “well damn you sure fucked up there boss i’m embarrassed to know you”

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Greed’s not like a regular Homunculus, he’s a cool Homunculus.


dainesanddaffodils asked: Not really a question but; Greed/Ling/Lanfan OT3. discuss.



Intriguing, but I don’t think I’ve seen enough of new Greed to really understand how he’d work in all of this.

I love Greed, but I have a problem seeing a scenario where he isn’t an obstacle to Ling and Lan Fan, either because, for example, he kinda took over Ling’s body, or even if things progress to the point where Ling and Greed are in equal control over Ling’s body, Greed’s nature of being… greedy… seems like it would make him poorly suited to being content with an arrangement with just Ling/Lan Fan.

Plus, I already know I like the dynamic between Greed/Ling and Ling/Lan Fan, but since I haven’t seen how Greed and Lan Fan interact yet, it’s fairly possible that when it happens, I’ll be either “nope never in a million years” or “huh actually I see how this could work” wrt Greedlingfan

Figure I might as well follow up on this, since I’ve seen the whole series now.

I am kinda into Greedlingfan. Not as much as I’m into Lingfan by itself, but I can dig it.

I find it more interesting if Greed is sharing Ling’s body, because, like, assuming Greed somehow got his own individual body, I don’t see much of a reason why he’d stick around and be in a relationship with just two people, no matter how sexy they are.

On the other hand, if Greed is in Ling’s body? And if Lan Fan is sweet and cuddly when Ling is in control, but commanding and in constant “so done with ur shit greed” mode when Greed is in control? I’m down with that.

also, sidebar here, I am pretty sure that Greed is an actual masochist, I mean he commands his minion to obliterate his head with a hammer, he looks really fucking excited after Izumi kicks his shit in, and he has a special ability to be completely free from harm but when he’s fighting a superstrong genetically modified warrior, he basically just uses it on his arms. Could he ask to get his ass kicked anymore? Oh, yeah, he could, he tells Lust she can pierce him with her Ultimate Spear anytime, get ur life together Greed. Basically the reason Greed has a code about not fighting women is that he enjoys getting beaten up by them too much, it’s practically canon.

omg headcanon accepted



Volume 7 chapter 27: The Beasts of Dublith p.86-90

Even a super BAMF like Alphonse is afraid of ULTRA BAMF Izumi. Me gusta.

Episode 13 of Brotherhood did not include this SUPER AWESOME scene. I was PISSED about it to say the least. Sad. Sad. Sad.

Episode 33 of 2003 FMA actually gave us an Izumi (and Sig) entrance but 1) it was not as awesome *cough*HOUSEWIFE*cough* 2) Al thought it was Ed who came at first (which is too bad because here it shows so well their student-teacher-family bond even if it’s very subtle) and 3) they screwed up the outcome too (which is a complain for another caption)

Actually, Brotherhood did include this, just in a different way. She came in to rescue Ed instead and it was Greed who asked her this and it was after she kicked him. into the wall even with his armor on. I like both scenes about equally, personally. It was cool to see her stomp Greed and save Ed in Brotherhood, but Al’s line and her entrance here and curbstomping every mook was great.

It’s a great scene in either continuity.

For the record since discussion is going on in this blog, yes, I prefer this to “pissed off”. That’s a pretty common “tough” line, and responding with “I’m a housewife” after kicking ass isn’t. Izumi is showing that she feels being a housewife is an intimidating, hardcore thing. It’s what she does, and it doesn’t diminish the fact she can curbstomp everyone in this room. She’s domestic person and an asskicker, and she doesn’t feel these aspects of herself contradict each other in the least- they reinforce each other and are both important parts of who she is.

So, it’s not a good line to cut, IMO. It’s perfect insight into Izumi’s character and subverts all the stereotypes.


i just realized Ling and Greed both hit on Winry


Ling hits on her in the manga liek “SUP GURL WANNA MARRY A PRINCE” and Winry’s like “tee hee I can’t got my career and peeps who depend on me that’s *tempting tho*” and Ed is SO MAD

then later Greed is liek “YUP SOUNDS LIKE MY KINDA GIRL” and Ed is like “:|”

they seriously were made for each other


Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Openings

Opening 1 - Yui - Again (version 2)



the person who drew this nonsense would be MEEEEE~

okay this is glorious

oh god
in love



the person who drew this nonsense would be MEEEEE~

okay this is glorious

oh god

in love

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FMA 30 Day Challenge Day 11- Your favorite fight

Hmmm…I suppose it would have to be the final fight against Father. I mean, it was the final battle, y’know? It really lived up to it too. Everyone pitched in and a lot of climactic things happened.

I mean, first there’s May taking on Father all by herself, and then still keeping it together and drawing her circles even after he slices her up. And everyone hits him with all they’ve got, but nope, they all get grabbed, and EVERYONE IN THE COUNTRY gets their souls sucked out and Father just straight up opens up the sun and grabs God! And Hohenheim protecting everyone with Ed and Al backing him up while May also protects everyone while greviously injured god that girl can’t get more awesome. Hohenheim is like “lol nope I planned for this, got some cool souls who are keeping check THE UMBRA SHADOW IS OUR TRANSMUTATION CIRCLE” and alchemy turns back on and Edward is all like “MWAHAHA!”

andthenthenthen there’s the part where Father summons the people of Xerxes and like blows them up and everyone just goes all out against him (including a blind Roy leaning into Riza who’s guiding him what to blow up, making her his literal “hawkeye!” Riiiizaaa! Rooooy!) but oops there goes Ed’s arm and Father impales the other arm he’s gonna kill Ed and Al is like “NOPE REVERSE SACRIFICE MAY HELP ME OUT” and she does even though it’s killing her because May is amazing and Al gives Ed his arm back in exchange for his soul because he’s gotta protect his brother like his brother protected him and also he knows Ed will come and get him duh it’s how they work.

And then Ed’s face when he realized what Al’s going to do. 

Gets me every time.

Then Ed goes BERSERKER RAGE and gives the biggest pronunciation of “YOU IDIOOOOOOOOOOT!” ever known to man and starts beating the crap out of Father with his bare hands and EVERYONE CHEERING HIM ON and backing him up and Greed’s like “yeah, I guess what I really wanted was friends like these” and then Ed delivers the immortal line

"Get up, you worthless FUCK. It’s time you learned why you’re not in our league!

Yeah, do not mess with Ed’s baby brother.


Yes. Yes you are. Edward Elric has no compunctions about punching God in the face.

Then Greed sacrifices himself awesomely (“I GUESS I’M JUST GOING THROUGH A LATE PUBERTY, POPS!”) (Lan Fan helps too) and Edward uses that opportunity to PUNCH THROUGH FATHER’S CHEST.


Yup. That’s how you do an epic final battle. This had everything- love, sacrifice, badassery, swearing, tears and punching God in the face.

Runners up would be the battle against Sloth for the Armstrong Team and Izumi’s awesome entrance. I was also fond of the trick Al pulled to contain Pride and then later the beatdown of Kimblee with the philosopher’s stone (and Lion Guy piercing Kimblee’s jugular! Man! Though because I was raised on the Lion King all I could think of was “GO FOR THE JUGULAR SIMBA! THE JUGULAR!” That just made it better.)


Day 6- Your favorite Homunculus

Greed, no contest.

Greed managed to be entertaining, likeable and fascinating. He’s amoral rather than evil, and affable at that, and I’m a sucker for that sort of thing.

Even before he merged with Ling, I found him to be pretty entertaining. The fact that he was the only homunculus to rebel was interesting and made sense- after all, Greed would want “more” than being a henchman. He had a real comradery with his gang and his devil-may-care attitude of doing things was fun. I especially liked that he was basically nice to both Edward and Alphonse even when he was kidnapping them and beating them up- especially when Al accidentally implies his brother is dead and Greed is basically like “oh gosh did I go too far you are only fourteen after all I’m really sorry for your loss”. Apologizing to your kidnapee for hurting their feelings = amazing. Also when he hung a lampshade on stuff- like pointing out to Ed “Oh, I get it, you’re the kind of guy who doesn’t mind taking a beating, but you lose it if someone close you you gets hurt. A classic hero type, huh?” Ironically, that’s exactly what Greed is like- he doesn’t mind if you scew with him, but screw with his “posessions” and he freaks.

But it was when he joined with Ling it got really good- the conflict between the two personalities really bought out the best in both of them and allowed for a real exploration of the positive and negative aspects of Greed. The scene where Ling made Greed remember his friends and that he had just killed one of them was heartwrenching (especially in the anime- amazing voice acting). As Greed, throwing any of his relationships away was basically the worst for him. And then he basically joined the good guys side as an amoral anti-hero type, and that’s always fun (Also Ed’s shoutout to the fandom with “I’ll just call you Greedling”= amazing).

Greed made some interesting points about the nature of his sin- wanting more can be a very positive thing. You can be greedy for comradery, for love, for a better world. I mean, Ling was a very greedy person too, that’s why they got along- but he was greedy to be emperor in part because he wanted to help his clan. Being greedy also means not giving up and that can be useful. I especially like how he pointed out to Ed that hope was basically not very different from greed. He even pointed out that he and Winry “wanted it all” and hey, there’s nothing wrong with that, you can HAVE it all, provided you work for it. It was a moral complexity you wouldn’t expect to see from the personification of a sin.

And the end to his arc- realizing that this was enough, that he had it all, that friendship and a strong bond was all he really wanted- telling his “first and last lie” to save Ling, cuz hey, Greed isn’t gonna lose a friend who’s poised to be emporer just cuz he’s gotta go, you gotta carry on that greed, Ling! And his last act actually being selfless- wow. Talk about some character development and a significant death. Being with Ling really taught him a lot.

Also, he was just fun. Total snarker, and his casual, mocking attitude toward everything combined with his complexity made him a treat to watch. He was even funny when he was dying. “I GUESS IT’S PUBERTY, POPS!”