So I figure the best way to watch the first FMA anime is to liveblog it

I can use my uncle’s Netflix account (he’s so nice) so we’re doing this. Stuff loads faster here!

So I won’t get bored since like, I know how the entire anime goes and am not really enthusiastic about watching it but figure I should so I can talk about it. AND YOU CAN HAVE MY HUMOROUS COMMENTARY. I’ll keep it all to one post don’t worry.


"WINRY! I don’t care if there are bloodcurdling screams of your friends coming from that house! I don’t want to get wet, okay, it’s raining pretty hard!" You are such a kind guardian, Pinako.

"AL! STAY WITH ME!" Ed, you’re talking to an empty set of clothes, but then you are bleeding to death so maybe I’m expecting too much coherence here.

I like how there’s subtitles to tell us their names and ages. “Okay, we know you have no idea who the hell these kids are before we plunked you in the middle of the moment that destroyed their lives so there we wrote it down for you.”

Then we discover the desert is apparently a quicksand pit Al can sink into. Also Liore is in the desert? What? I thought Ed had trouble with his automail in the desert but I guess that part in the manga hadn’t happened yet so the animators had no way of knowing unless they exercized common sense.

Ed randomly assaults the people of Liore for calling him short. Generally he sticks to people he actually knows and enemies to do that in the canon I know (he just THREATENS to assault people he doesn’t know. Such a kind boy), so I was surprised. He can fling people bodily around in the whirlwind of his rage but we knew that.

Father Cornello really like birds in this version.



I like how Ed says science will someday bring back the dead and then automatically contradicts himself with “THERE’S NO WAY TO BRING BACK TO DEAD”. Consistency, Ed, learn it!

This is better paced than the Brotherhood episode, I’ll admit. But that was my least favorite episode/chapter, so it’s not terribly hard to outdo it.



The whole town is apparently okay with assaulting and imprisoning a fifteen year old disabled boy and destroying a suit of armor with an adorable voice. You people don’t deserve to be saved.

You know, in the original, the gender of Rose’s dead lover was never specified, so I always liked to think it was a girl. It would explain why she practically went into fits of ectasy over Winry staying over with her and dragged her in to take a bath and gloried in picking out clothes for her . Yep, and she and Winry got it on that night because Winry can’t wait for Ed forever yo. My headcanon.

But here, Rose talks to a boyfriend made out of dead parrots. Okay. Then Al kills it and it bleeds…brown goop? Gross, Al.

Ed is just chained up to a wall shirtless nothing to see here. He really does like losing his shirt.

Why…would Father Cornello think a pocket watch was the source of Ed’s alchemy? There’s no logic whatsoever in this assumption.

And this episode ends with Al going: “I apologize for my brother’s social awkwardness, Rose, he means well. Now, so you don’t repeat our mistakes, allow me to tell you OUR ENTIRE LIFE STORY.”

"That’s really not necc-"


"Well I don’t see how I could repeat that mistake-"


Meanwhile, Ed had wandered two miles into the desert before he realized Al was not following him. “DAMMIT HE’S GIVING EXPOSITION TO RANDOM VILLAGERS AGAIN I KNOW IT.” 


Liveblog for episode 3

"older brother: 15 younger brother: 14"

thanks for specifying that again, subtitles?

Ed’s forehead is huuuuge

This is the longest transmutation ever. No wonder Winry was traumatized. Random piles of dust moving around is not a present guys!!! GET EARRINGS NEXT TIME GOD.

Wait, what was the point of telling Rose the life story of the brothers if you’re just going to be all “okay so they flashbacked because they found a book” in the next episode as an opening?

They skipped the entire thing with Truth? Maybe they’ll get to that later.

I like how Al keeps asking Ed all these questions like “what is that over there and why didn’t it work why were our calculations incorrect?” while Ed is bleeding to death. “ED DO YOU THINK WE DIDN’T ADD ENOUGH CARBON?” “I’M LOSING CONCIOUSNESS AL I’LL HAVE TO ANSWER THAT LATER”

I don’t get how anyone can even begin to argue the art and animation here is anywhere near as good as Brotherhood, much less better. I mean, it’s not the series fault, it was animated in 2003…wait, Pretty Cure had better animation than this- okay, moving on- but how can anyone deny that the FMAB animation is miles superior? Especially the action? The character designs are hella more detailed too, and more consistent.  It’s not bad, it’s just a fact.

Nice raincoat, Roy. Did they for real cut out Winry’s conversation with Riza? Fuck you, anime. Hahaha I may be overreacting just slightly. In fact they cut out like..a lot of things with Winry. All the things. God, poor girl, I’m so glad the second anime came along for her.

Then Winry randomly sits on Al’s lap to wake him up.


Next episode is entirely new material, so my liveblog should be marginally more interesting.


ftr guys I’m trying to restrain myself but I can’t stop myself from being all judgey in my liveblog

I’m just a very judgey person and since I’m severely in love with the manga and FMAB that’s going to show up. But I’m very tongue in cheek and trying to keep a open mind! I’m not going to deny at all that this anime has merit and was a gateway and important for a lot of people! I’m not a frothing h8ter I’m just critical.

But if you can’t stand it when I’m judgey do not read my liveblogs. s’how I roll. Just a friendly warning so people don’t get pissed off. This is just for my self-entertainment.


The fma first anime liveblog adventure continiues: 4 

Apparently some people are actually liking this! yay.

"Those boys will realize their mistake and come back" and then Al can live out his entire life being a suit of armor it will be fun. Does Winry only own that one dress in this anime? 

RANDOM TRAIN STATION PURSE SNATCHER AWWWWAY! Was Al seriously able to draw that hugeass transmutation circle in the time it took him to run two feet? That’s some skill. 

"That trick of yours wouldn’t be called Alchemy would it?" No, they had an unfolding cage set up just in case what the fuck else would it be.

Holy shit the zipper on Ed’s shirt is HUGE. It’s the size of his head! Was it that huge before? Oh, I looked it up, he doesn’t have a zipper in FMAB his shirt keeps together through a mysterious tab button thing. Well, now I have thought about how Edward Elric’s shirt works way too much.

Ed and Al immediately run into a gang of firework obsessed delinquents because that’s how they roll. And when they try to fight them, they both end up tripping epically and beating themselves up for everyone. Sounds like my life. Al wrecks a random…pole thing that’s there for some reason…that it looks like Ed would have designed, seriously that thing is tacky grunge. Sadly, an alchemist comes and fixes it. He and Ed should get along great, they clearly have similar taste.

I’m glad to see Ed has no table manners in all continuities.

Okay, this is sort of gross. According to this episode, a little girl being a crossdresser and acting all “unfeminine” is an expression of grief somehow. Like okay, I’m sure…that can happen…actually, I’m pretty sure that’s not a thing that happens terribly often so wtf episode. “Oh Klaus you’re acting unfeminine your sister would be so dissapointed” shut the fuck up man. Plus her name is Klaus were you seriously shooting for feminine there. ACTING OUTSIDE THE GENDER BINARY MEANS SOMETHIN’S WRONG WITH YOU. 

Now Ed’s being all binarist great SHUT UP ED (I mean, he was that one time with Winry in the manga, but I like to think he learned his lesson after she told him off. After all, he is the boy who declared loudly “I’M NOT SEXIST” in response to “you’re going to hit a girl…?) Ugh, I knew there was some gross stuff in this anime but I didn’t expect it to happen so quickly. MAJOR FROWNY FACE.

"She didn’t die, she hit her head, wandered off, started a new life, remembered twenty years later, came back to you and YOU NEVER REALIZED!"

Not only does that seem terribly unlikely, that’s…why did she not mention she was the girl he is making ZOMBIE DOLLS out of in an attempt at ressurection? AND WHY WOULD SHE STAY WITH SOMEONE LIKE THAT? Also she was wearing a rose under her hood all this time? THESE QUESTIONS…will never be answered.

Ed causes a dude to impale himself and doesn’t react at all. AND HE’S 12. 

Oh great, now that Klaus’s mental issues have been solved by nearly being killed she’s wearing a dress like a *normal girl*. Hahahaha fuck you.


This episode SUCKED.

This after I say I’m not going to be a frothing hater. Well, I’m sorry, Hiromu Arakawa would never have pulled this weak shit so I’m gonna rage.


whatever I’m getting through this- fma first anime liveblog ep 5

how weird is it seeing Ed being polite to Roy at any point

Well Roy didn’t deeply traumatize him the second they met in this continuity so. (seriously Roy, the reaction to seeing a double-amputee eleven year old boy in a wheelchair with empty horrified eyes should not be grabbing him by the collar and screaming in his face. IT’S CALLED ETIQUETTE)

"you’re kindness in a can". And you are clearly sensitivity in a can, Ed.

Oh, Hughes. YOU.

Wait, did Roy just put two civilian minors in a hostage situation just to see if they were fit for being state alchemists? ETHICS. LEARN THEM.

oh this is the highjacking chapter! Pretty much the same except Hughes is there. KNIVES. BRIGHT PURPLE SHIRTS.

Ed calls Roy on his lack of ethics. But it was all so Ed could take the alchemy exam. Roy barely restrains from bursting into evil laughter and yelling “I DO ENJOY SEEING FOOLS DANCING LIKE PUPPETS”

"WE WERE DANCING IN THEIR PALMS. I GUESS WE’LL NEVER BE IN CONTROL OF OUR LIVES". Is it Al’s job to sum up events in the most melancholy way possible in this anime? Man Ed wasn’t kidding when he said "oh good you’re depressed again that’s normal" last episode, where does Al get off calling Ed cynical, he’s the Debbie Downer of this duo here.


First FMA anime liveblog- episode 6

Yeah, this anime has already pissed me off, so I’m basically only determined to keep going at this point so I can say “I personally like the manga and FMAB better” without feeling like a hypocrite. Also because liveblogging is fun. Also I’m eternally curious. My open mind kind of closed with episode 4’s severe suckitude, sorry.  

Wait, so Ed and Al are going to meet Shou Tucker when they’re 12 and 11 respectively in this anime? And I thought that incident couldn’t get more screwed up. 

Oh my god, this is hilarious. Shou Tucker’s profile is acually about how Britian was the center of the Scientific Revolution. IN A UNIVERSE WHERE BRITAIN DOES NOT EXIST.

"Investing in the work of nature is at the very root of science and is one of the most significant endeavors of humankind" Alphonse clearly wrote this "HUMANKIND CANNOT GAIN ANYHING WITHOUT SACRIFICING SOMETHING FIRST" "HUMANKIND’S ADVANCEMENT CANNOT BE BOUND BY GENERAL PRINCIPALS" 

Wait, Nina’s four? Hopefully she doesn’t get brutally transformed and murdered until later. Wow, her voice is a litttttle much.

"Sorry about the mess, we’re lacking a woman’s touch. Oh, sorry that was sexis wasn’t it." YES. It’s impossible for me to hate you more Shou Tucker stop trying.


"YOUR STOMACH IS A MELON" incredibly tactful, Ed. C’mon, he at least has basic social skills.


"Do you want to feel my stomach?" "EW HECK NO" Okay, not only is that incredibly rude, even Ed would know better, HE HAS BASIC SOCIAL SKILLS, Al would definitely know better as he is a *gentleman* (insert hearts and flowers and bishie sparkles) BUT THAT IS COMPLETELY OOC FOR BOTH OF THEM. And the animators should KNOW that, because the part with babies in the manga had already happened, RIGHT>  In the manga, ED blushingly and adorably asked to feel dat tummy the second he saw the pregnant belly, and was SEVERELY EXCITED and so was Al. Ed and Al were practically in ecstacy and bragged about it later as the coolest thing ever and *omg babies*. LOOK AT THIS, THIS IS THEIR REACTION TO A PREGNANT BELLY OK:

Ed and Al love babies dearly and desperately. Ed went on a damn soliloquoy about the miracles of life and how a woman can do what alchemist can’t. THIS IS ED’S FEELING ABOUT BABIES:

HIS FAVORITE WORD. You don’t go from that to “EW NO”. I mean, the reason I mind so much is that I LOVED that aspect of Ed and Al because it subverted so many stereotypes. Boys are supposed to be *tough* and *detached* and *disdainful towards babies and feminine stuff* but Ed and Al are UNASHAMEDLY GUSHING AND ENTHUSIASTIC. They aren’t afraid to act like a couple of starstruck lovey dovey dorks over a baby. It’s still a pretty ingrained stereotype that *boys aren’t interested in feeling pregnant tummys” obvs, I mean, it was outright stated in the horrid DAYD fic I sporked, but Ed and Al just steamrollered over that with their “omg I want to feel your tummy omg it’s kicking I’m in ecstacy”. And it’s very IC for both of them, who are fascinated with the miracle of human life and all about renewal and new beginnings so that aspect is important to the deeper facets of their characters, AND AL ADORES CUTE THINGS, WHY WOULD THE NUMBER ONE FAN OF KITTENS NOT BE INTERESTED IN CUTE BABIES. And you know Ed was totally Hughes mk 2 when he had kids.

But no, instead of subverting these stereotypes so wonderfully as the manga did, this anime CHOOSES to deliberately reinforce them. Ed and Al are just incredibly rude and grossed out be babies and girl stuff, but Nina is naturally interesed because she is a *girl* with *girly parts*. Fuck you twice, anime.

Wow, I ended up ranting for a while. Uh, I’ll break up this post into two parts.


First FMA anime liveblog- episode 6 pt 2

wait this is basically all the Rush Valley stuff happening when they were twelve and with Mrs. Hughes and without Winry- why? Why would you steal Winry’s awesome moment of being a child-delivering bamf. WHY. The fact Winry delivers that baby is an important aspect of her character grrr.

"I don’t want to touch baby stuff" OUT OF CHARACTER. NO. BAD DOG.

Yep, Ed even gives an abreviated version of his “Mom’s can do what alchemy can’t” speech even, only without squealing at the top of his lungs and being a total dork in front of Winry which was the best! But there is teary eyes.

And then Al cries it is sad. Why are you using that blanket Al, you can’t sleep or feel it or anything…

I have to admit, you don’t suspect Tucker is sinister automatically in the anime while FMAB made it obvious (the manga less so) and we’re obvs going to have a lot more time with Nina and Hughes before the shit hits the fan with them which has merit in itself. Of course, this is because the anime had the luxury of moving things around in the timeline, but still, these are good decisions.


"We’ve been right beside each other this whole time, but I can’t remember what your skin feels like or how you smell". Okay, I now understand why Elriccest is a thing. It still squicks me, but I understand it. AL DON’T WORRY ED PROBABLY DOESN’T SMELL GREAT. 

Ah, Nina, you’re too cute.

The exams are a lot more complicated here and apparently they only pick one out of a bunch of people? In the manga, I think they were fairly simple because it was just collecting soldiers and sacrifices, no one was required to be awesome beyond belief.

Good thing Ed was there, because no one else was gonna lift a finger to save that poor guy.

Thanks for telling me their ages again, I’d forgotten.

Oops, Nina gets murdered next episode D:


I just want to get to the weird shit in the anime so Ima gonna go ahead and do episode 7

you know, like Amnestris revealed to LITERALLY BE wacky alternate universe Nazi germany and Shou fucking Tucker of all people being resurrected with his head upside down. And Ed dying his hair green. And killing a homunculus of his own mother by evaporating it or some off the wall shit. I WANT TO SEE IT SO IT AS THAT’S THE ONLY WAY I CAN BELIEVE IT.

Wow Roy you are really a bummer in this show. STOP RAINING ON ED’S PARADE.

"HeeeeeeeeeeHHHH…NINA…I KEEL YOUUUU…" so they’re seriously going to do this while Ed is still twelve? 

You know I would actually would have liked to seen more sidestories of THE ADVENTURES OF TWELVE YEAR OLD ED in the manga, because I bet he was totally drunk with power at first and got up to all sorts of wacky hijinks.

Wait, is Barry supposed to be the serial killer who “only targets women?” I thought he made it pretty clear in the manga he loves cutting anyone and anything up. Why did they have to add sexual overtones like that to it?

okay gotta read Ed’s letter to Winry. “But for me, it was easy. The examiners were suprised to see what a great alchemist I am. Well, I could easily guess the (something) so it wasn’t surprising for me. (something) but you know that too, don’t you.”

…Wow, Winry will love that letter. Modesty, thy name is Ed. “DEAR WINRY, I AM AWESOME AND HANDSOME, LOVE ED.”

Oh, hey it’s Sheska! I know she has more of a role in this anime.


God Ed, you ripped Scar’s shirt and showed his tattoo to everyone, ROOD. HE PAID GOOD MONEY FOR THAT. YOU JUST BUMPED UP ON THE KILL LIST. Wait, is Scar now going to try to murder Ed when he’s twelve? I guess Ed looked twelve when he was fifteen so it doesn’t make much difference, but…

Ripping Scar’s shirt instantly subdues him. I like how he grabbed his sleeve back before running away. “I’m sewing that back on, see you in hell!” And the officer runs after him so he can arrest him for shoving people or something. Ed is traumatized by seeing a tattoo.

Now Scar is talking to his own arm in an alleyway. Ishval has definitely unhinged him. WHAT DID YOU WANT ME TO DO WHY DID YOU MARK ME LIKE THIS BROTHER. I’m pretty sure all he wanted you to do was not bleed to death. You’re doing a good job, keep it up!

Elicia’s two days old and already has pigtails. Did her hair grow instantly?

For some reason, Hughes takes Ed along as he examines a dead body. FOR NO REASON. Ed is twelve. Riza would not let him see a murder victim when he was fifteen. Come on, now, where is the adult responsibility here?

 Ed sees a horribly mangled corpse, goes into flashbacks and passes out. DIDN’T SEE THAT COMING WAY TO GO HUGHES. Most people would have passed out at that even if they hadn’t recently gone through major trauma, which ROY KNEW ABOUT and didn’t even say “um his kid shouldn’t be seeing this.” Al is apparently not concerned about his unconcious brother and is happily playing with Nina.

Basque Gran comes in and threatens a twelve year old at gunpoint for no reason. SLIGHT overreaction to someone doing research. I’m glad you die now!  You have my approval, Scar!

Ed is…a lot calmer about Nina being transmuted in this anime. He isn’t excited to see the chimera at first and then suddenly realizing what happened and freaking out. He seems to know from the beginning, and is…mildly peeved. He doesn’t even beat him up much at all! He only acts mad when Tucker insults him. It’s all less creepy and effective overall.

Al seems only mildly put off too. He’s like “hey, you’ll kill him man”. Ed being twelve also makes it a lot less convincing that he’s capable of finishing off an adult in a few punches.

BY AMAZING COINCIDENCE NINA RUNS INTO SCAR. Scar’s tattoo is psychic? oooooookay? 

You really overdid it on the killing there, Scar. A simple headasplode would have done. Please tell me he’s still going to kill Tucker. 

So Scar has to wait until a random chimera wanders into his path to decide to hunt state alchemists? I would have thought the fact state alchemists KILLED ALL HE LOVED was enough motivation.

Al is so totally chill about all this. He’s eleven and he discovers a corpse and is like “oh well it’s probably alchemy I guess we can’t bring her back hey Ed don’t cry”. UM I’M PRETTY SURE CRYING IS THE NORMAL THING TO DO. YOU GUYS HAVE NOT EVEN ENTERED PUBERTY (well Ed didn’t enter puberty until he was sixteen regardless BUT STILL.)


First FMA anime liveblog episode 8

Wow Vic Mignonga sucked at crying back in the day. I don’t know if he does now, because I haven’t gotten to that part in the FMAB dub yet, but…


Jesus, poor Ed is falling apart at the seams and everyone’s just like “oh well moving on” he is twelve here people he is literally a baby he is not equipped to deal with this shit show some compassion. It’s okay, Ed, I’ll hug you. “hey ed why so glum it’s not like a friend of yours was recently brutally transformed and murdered”

Aaand now they want him to relive his trauma by sorting out Tucker’s chimeras. ALL THE MILITARY PEOPLE ARE ASSHOLES in this show. THAT IS NOT A GOOD IDEA FOR THERAPY. Yes, let’s have the traumatized twelve year old sort through the frothing monsters and not offer any comfort whatsoever yes.

Al remains completely not upset about all the awful shit going on around him. Yeah, he contrasts with Ed, but he did mope a LITTLE about Nina, come on,

Winry sees a refridgerated truck and automatically wants to dismantle it to see how it works. Aww, even in this version she is the boo of my heart.

It’s ridiculously obvious this lady is firstanime!Barry the Chopper. BARELY disguising dat voice dere. Annnd Winry is now going to be kidnapped, even though she never was a damsel in distress in the manga (yes, she was held hostage, but not physically, and she thought her way out of it like a bamf so it doesn’t count). Yep, but the anime had to have her tied up, gagged and captured. Because it’s important to be cliche.

Winry leaves screws wherever she goes. It’s like a forest animal leaving tracks and other signs you can always tell where they’ve been.

Did Barry the Chopper just bean Ed with a caveman style club? Is he Fred Flintstone? Also, evil crossdresser! That trope is not COMPLETELY OVERDONE.

Woooowwww that’s some face he has.

WINRY’S SCREW TO THE RESCUE! Useful for drawing transmutation circles apparently.

God, Al is so super calm about everything in this anime, “Oh so, you nearly died Ed, ho hum. I’m in a metal body so I can’t relate.” yeah, not sure that works.

Al really wants his body back so he can feel intense trauma and fear, “Ed, I envy how you’re about to vomit and crying and shaking and scarred for life”. Al, now is the time to be comforting, not say things like that. WHERE DID YOUR SOCIAL SKILLS GO.

Winry didn’t get to say much in this episode. Barry and Ed have this conversation, both barely acknowledge she’s there, and then Ed and Al go off to have a conversation and acknowledge she’s not there. Yeah, I’m probably overly sensitive because of episode four and knowing a lot of sexist stuff happens to the ladies later on, but it bothers me.

Roy is just a massive dick to Ed in the anime. Sure, he wasn’t ever terribly nice to him but “lol I’ma just remind you I can hold the fact I can have your brother sent off to a lab over you while you stand there looking complete shattered over recent events”. Teasing a kid who lost a friend and then was nearly killed in the space of TWO DAYS is not on. ED YOU NEED SUCH A HUG.

Then Winry’s like “OKAY WE NEARLY GOT KILLED BUY ME STUFF.” Girl ain’t gonna let being turned into a damsel in distress get her down! I love you always Winry in all forms, I’m just sorry the anime’s shafting you already.


More clarification on the first fma anime liveblog

Some people have messaged me worrying that it’s a little bit sexist of them to prefer the first anime because of the stuff I’ve pointed. And NO ABSOLUTELY NOT. I have no problem with people preferring the first anime and no one should.

I think everyone has some internalized misogyny and that includes me, but it doesn’t have anything to do with what anime you like. Feel free to like whatever you want! If we hated everything we watched that was problematic, we’d have nothing left. The thing is we can’t excuse those problematic things either. And I can see how it would have more of an impact on someone, especially if it’s the version of FMA they were exposed to first.

But the manga was what I was exposed to first and I was reeeeally happy with the treatment of the ladies in that series and loved it dearly as a whole, and have disliked what I’ve heard of what ends up happening to Izumi, Rose and Winry in this anime, and how other things are handled- so I may have some preconceived notions going in, but the reason I’m doing this is at least I want to give the first anime the benefit of a watch. And I’m probably going to weigh and compare it to the manga a lot, because it’s really interesting to me, the differences and why they would change some things and what bothers me about the changes or what changes I like- and so far, I have disliked most of the changes but that’s just me.

I don’t hate this anime and I respect people who refer it (as long as they aren’t obnoxious to me for criticizing it and preferring the other version)