i just rewatched kyousougiga and there’s one thing i rlly love about how Koto and Yakushimaru/Myoue are handled

is that it’s the prototypical “tough genki girl and snarky cynical dude” partnership between them, but it’s handled realistically to a place where both of them have limits and realistic consequences are acknowledged? Especially Koto, who is super-tough and energetic and cheerful so people end up taking that for granted, but it’s made an explicit point that she can’t be that way 24/7. Koto seems like nothing can get her down and she can bounce back from anything, but she’s just a person and she’ll get depressed and break down like everyone else, especially when people expect her to be able to handle all their problems.

The part where she yells at Myoue for being selfish and he’s all like “what what what’s gotten into you” and then she breaks down sobbing and yells “I’VE GOT MY OWN PROBLEMS TOO!” is so well done. He never expected this, he never thought of her as someone who could break down like this, and it’s clear he doesn’t know what to do. He’s taken it for granted up to this point that her only setting is “cheerful can-do”. And she has even more heroic-bsod movements throughout ther series and he has to act as her emotional support when that happens. It goes both ways.

Koto’s not some endless smiling reserve of joy. She has her own shit to deal with- she’s got needs. It puts a lot of strain on her when people rely on her to “save” them.without supporting her in return, She’s lonely and confused like everyone else, she’s as indomitable as she is partly as a coping mechanism- she’s has an unreliable support system, so she made herself into someone who can keep herself going and who nobody would mess with. But she has limits. 

And for Myoue, living with Koto puts a realistic strain on him? Because it’s heavily implied he’s clinically depressed (especially considering he’s suicidal) and having to deal with someone who’s loud and abrasive, it drains his energy just being around her. So there’s that time he just flips out and screams at her that he’s sick of it, and she leaves for a while. But he does miss her when she’s gone even though it’s hard to be around her sometims, and he realizes she’s been struggling too, so he goes after her. And neither of them really apologize, there’s just this sort of silent agreement that they need and care about each other. 

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girl, you’re the light of my life.


winry rockbell + badass

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Do they get sleepy?

Happy Birthday Ymir! | February 17

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Precure 10th Anniversary Short - Cure Passion

Cure Passion here! Congratulations on the Precure 10th Anniversary! From now on, I’ll do my best with all my might!

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ɪs ᴍʏ ᴍᴇᴄʜᴀɴɪᴄ ᴀᴍᴀᴢɪɴɢ, ᴏʀ ᴡʜᴀᴛ?

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FMA Ladies: First and last on-panel appearances- not counting the epilogue page, since those were photographs and Izumi’s face was partially covered by a dialogue box so…

It was actually hard to figure out whether I should use Winry and Pinako’s last appearances in the main story, or if I should include the side story that was published after the last chapter, which would really technically be their last appearance in manga canon. So in the interest of thoroughness, I did both

And there you go!