Season 1, Episode 1: A Moon Star is Born

[Serena finds out that she is the sailor scout of the moon] Goodness, what is up with those transitions? Serena came off as being a bit vapid and absent minded toward the beginning of the episode, which is something that will continue throughout the…

okay, I’ve got to say.

You can’t review a show by watching a couple episodes in general. With a dubbed anime, I would also appreciate it if you look at the original in addition to the dub.

And second, if you’re going to call all the characters being white a “Japanese thing” that is racist. They are Japanese. Except for Setsuna, who is half-Romani, half Japanese. They “look white” to you because white is our culture’s default. Not so for Japan. The fact is, Japanse anime will assume their audience is Japanese so feel free to give the characters whatever hair color and skin color they want. They don’t feel the need to “other” themselves, but they will “other” other races (as can be seen when Chinese characters and other PoC are represented). So this is, indeed, an entire cast of PoC (and unusually for a Japanese anime, does include one person of darker skin color and who Naoko Takeuchi has gone on record saying is part Romani, Sailor Pluto).

The problem with the dub is they tried really hard to hide the fact and act like the show was set in America. They changed names and erased Japanese writing. That’s the racist part.

I find your representation of the characters to be pretty sexist too, by YMMV.

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