Top REALLY GROSS things in the fma 2003 anime pt 1- The treatment of Rose

Trigger warning for discussion of rape and victimization in a narrative

Just the treatment of Rose. Her role is a bit bigger than her one in the manga, where her character arc is fairly simple- she’s pulled into a cult after losing a loved one, Ed busts it open and tells her to move forward, so she pulls herself back together and next time we see her she’s working hard at a soup kitchen to help her city rebuild and makes friends with Winry. It’s a small role, but it goes well with the manga’s constant theme of people rebuilding their lives after tragedy and moving forward on their own and helping each other.

Here, it’s like they used Rose as a checklist for all the possible ways to victimize and silence a female character. The fact that she’s also PoC here and silenced and robbed of agency so completely makes it even grosser. So after Ed leaves she attempts to protect some children from the military. That’s great! What does she get for her trouble? Apparently the soldiers take her and rape her. She gives birth as a result and is so traumatized she’s catatonic.

So her story isn’t even told to us by her- we don’t see any of it- Scar tells it to Ed for her while she’s not even in the room and all the focus is on his reaction and the fact the tragedy of this poor defenseless woman gives them a good excuse to kill people. Who cares what she thinks about any of it, we’re not going to hear about it! She’s just someone Scar and the city can exploit as a figurehead, someone who literally does not have a say in the matter. Let’s use her rape as an oppurtunity to exploit her further! Even Ed sees that that’s gross.

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