Anonymous asked: do you think that black people only got rights because some white people saved them




White people freed the slaves, I think that black people doing a lot of protests and things like that helped them out though because they seemed to be more willing to be violent and do whatever means necessary to get rights. I think it’s a good thing that LGBT people aren’t like that today because it just gets everyone hurt.

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here is something that’s apparently really hard to understand okay it is important for us white ppl to grasp i think so i will tell you because no one else should have to waste their breath: WHITE PEOPLE ENSLAVED BLACK PEOPLE IN THE FIRST PLACE SO OF FUCKING COURSE THEY WOULD HAVE HAPPILY KEPT DOING IT IF BLACK PEOPLE HADN’T FOUGHT TOOTH AND NAIL TO GET THEM TO STOP.

okay and you can’t compare lgbtq opression to slavery it’s not fucking equivalent so stop

stop no

okay judging from the title this is def a mag for the ladies which explains ed’s random lack of shirt and Roy being weirdly friendly but stillwow

okay judging from the title this is def a mag for the ladies which explains ed’s random lack of shirt and Roy being weirdly friendly but still


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feelsmetalalchemist asked: I was SO SHOCKED when Ed turned that Yoki/Cornello hybrid into metal (and essentially killing him). welp. Ooh, did you know that even before the prototype, the initial FMA concept is about a father and son duo -instead of two brothers- where Ed is *gasp* not short :O! And the father's soul is trapped in a Japanese dwarf squirrel (I KID U NOT). Oh Arakawa <3

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spoiler for attack on titan watch out


omfg idk why im thinking about it now but fuckin rEINER

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an evening of reading the most awful misogynistic articles on dumb islamic websites has lead me to this:

i’ve always kind of wanted to do a webcomic starring a badass muslim superhero who defends women against the kind of stupid idiocy we have to put up with every day whilst shutting up all the white feminists who try to co-opt the struggle.

i actually sincerely want to develop this because do you REALIZE the potential behind a hijabi/niqabi superhero like her outfit comes with a ready-made abaya-cape and a mask so i’m really into it but yeah this is sort of a quick brain storming comic for the entire concept lemme know if you like it.


I’d like to point out that the Muslim woman’s religion, just like just about every patriarchal religion in the world (and, possibly, every religion period), is the core system that promotes misogyny in the cultures around her in Muslim-dominated countries. Just like the biggest part of the misogyny of the US is Christian teachings (that are right there, in the Bible and the apocrypha surrounding Christian teachings) held close by religious people.

While I spend most of my time fighting to make atheism feminist, it’s important to occasionally point out that feminism should be (and historically is connected to being) atheist.

um no. Don’t do this reblogging me? Let’s get this straight. I’m not religious. I personally have no interest in religion and dislike being pushed to participate in it. I don’t identify as atheist, but it was was the misogynist aspects in some of the Christian doctrine I was taught that turned me to agnosticism.

But I cannot stand for this kind of lecturing of muslim feminists, or any feminist from a persecuted religion.

Using a post about a muslim woman to make your platform about atheist feminism is wrong especially since white atheist feminists are among those who are racist and islamophobic towards muslim women and try to “rescue them”. Do not use my reblog of this comic to lecture this woman who is discriminated against for her religion every day and has her freedom of expression challenged with bans on what she wears etc.

Anyone can be feminist, regardless of religion. The misogyny in religion is inherent because society is inherently mysogynistic. There is nothing inherently misogynist about believing in a higher power, it’s the men involved in religion that made it that way. Proof of this is the huge amount of sexism in the atheist community which is why you have to FIGHT to make atheism feminist.

Do not coopt this woman’s stuggles. That is EXACTLY what this comic is talking about.

also they got new outfits



also they got new outfits






I’ve noticed that in Anita Sarkeesian’s video, the women who get killed and left in their own blood, the poses and how the blood is depicted and where they get hit, that’s eerily similar to porn videos where cum is left on the women’s…

There’s a lot of power play in sex and it has to do with both sexes doing it and benefiting from it. Women use their sexual power over men all the time. But one type is healthy and another type is not.  Also, if we believe this logic that it’s “fetishizing rape” what does that say about homosexual sex between males? Where does that leave them?

what “sexual power” do i have over men people keep saying i have this thing but it has yet to awaken and transform me into a sexual super-saiyan 

i mean

why would raping women be such a big thing if we had “sexual power”

clearly our consent doesn’t matter. we don’t have power. i wish we did but we don’t.

where is the benefit is the benefit being afraid to go out alone at night is the benefit the threat of knowing my “no” might be ignored is the benefit being force-kissed by that angry guy in the gym and having to push him away?

also this discussion is about how men view women so clearly how men view other men isn’t…a part of it? but I have yet to see images of men draped sensually in their own blood with their hips thrust out in any medium ever

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I’ve finally included all the stuff I want in my Sailor Moon thesis

….it’s 37 pages (not counting sources)

i clearly have to cut something

maybe if I add a bunch of pictures she won’t notice how long it is?


"does she always wear her nightgown in public someone oughta give her a fashion citation"

1. Serena you are talking about yourself

2. what the hell that is clearly a dress not a night gown its the same as you wore as Princess Serenity only minus the sleeves i didn’t hear you getting snarky over that

3. All of the dubs “clever” insults could be summed up as “LOL GIRLS AND THEIR FASHION AMIRITE FASHUN POHLICE”