Erie (I think?): She says that little by little my voice will change and my breasts will get smaller. But nothing’s really changed, has it? Nothing at all.

So the anime I’m watching right now is Simoun. It’s set in a world where everyone is born with a vagina and all that, but when they’re seventeen they go to this Spring and choose their sex. Only the people who haven’t chosen can ride the flying ships hings in the anime, which are supposed to be like, sacred and stuff but are also super good for warfare.

It’s a fascinating premise, and obviously the very core of the idea screws with the concept of the relationship between gender and birth sex, so I’m really enjoying it, especially since it’s been handled well so far. It’s a really character driven series and a lot of the girls are really unsure of what they want to choose, or trying to put off choosing, while some already know.

In the pictures above, the character couldn’t choose so the goddess lady chose for zir, and ze basically breaks down on realizing that nothing really changed inside zir when it was chosen. But zir role in society will change. 

I do find it kind of odd that it’s mentioned being a woman limits career options. You’d think in a world where you choose your sex, gender roles wouldn’t exist at all? Nor would heterosexuality be so firmly the norm, since you know, everyone being same sex until they’re seventeen (this anime is lady makeout central.). But maybe being able to choose just made the lines firmer somehow…and I suppose having our gender roles in place with the system makes the narrative have more possibilities for social commentary/connecting with the viewer. We’ll see (I’m on episode 9).

I always assumed that, if given the choice, the majority of people would choose to remain female, so the government had to offer up incentives to become male by limiting certain jobs to them.

Japan just isn’t very progressive. I remember this one anime, never watched it but heard the story, it was about a girl obsessed with sex and having sex with a hundred men or something, but never getting any and eventually falling in love with a single man.

First, think about that premise.

Now. In the fourth or fifth episode it was revealed she wasn’t a virgin. There were RIOTS. The show nearly got canceled.

Also, think of any female character from anything. Go to the celebrated akhibara and you can purchase pornography of her getting raped.

and yet, a show with a premise on this probably wouldn’t even get aired in America. Not to mention children’s shows with canon LGBTQ couples.

I really think the West needs to get it’s own shit together before we can go around talking about the lack of progressiveness in other countries. 

We have pretty sexist shows too, and the dudely comics fandom has been known to pitch a fit if Wonder Woman is less than virginal. Wonder Woman.

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