Yet more Didio fuckery




I was looking over kyrax2’s (the Batgirl cosplayer who repeatedly asked DC panels about the role of women) SDCC reports on Dreamwidth, and this line jumped out at me. Regarding question time at the final New 52 panel, kyrax2 wrote:

“They almost cut the line off *right* before me, but at the last minute, they said that they could have another ten minutes.  I think one of the convention staff members was instrumental in this - she seemed sympathetic to me at earlier panels as well.  Everyone cheered that we would get more time, and Didio said that we could start…with the next person in line after me.  I stepped up to the mic and said, ‘I see you remember me.’”

Am I reading that correctly? I’ve never been to a big con so I don’t know how the room is normally set up, but it sounds like Dan Didio was able to plainly see kyrax2 and then actively tried to silence her right to voice her opinion.

Wow. Seriously, wow. Being aggressive and dismissive to fans is one thing, but trying to cut dissenting voices out of the picture completely? To their face? No. That cannot stand, and it is entirely to kyrax2’s credit that she did not let Didio bully her.

I am so appalled at this fuckery. Didio’s conduct is unacceptable. I don’t know know what should be done about it, but I fucking want as many people as possible to know exactly what kind of person DC is choosing to be represented by.

How could anyone possibly defend this guy? I’m seeing a lot of “but he was so nice to me” whenever I bring this up, but this is clearly a bully who is frightened of the girl cooties and will do anything to stop them.

This is so screwed up and I am forever proud of Kira for standing up to Didio.

I feel like all this stuff should be compiled and sent to Time Warner. I read somewhere that it’d be really bad for them for everyone to realise they’re supporting someone as misogynistic as Didio. Unfortunately I don’t have the spoons to do it myself, but I think it’d be good to go OVER Didio’s head and see if something about comics culture can be changed.

A woman is in charge of Didio now with Time-Warner, right? (Diane Nelson) I would hope she wouldn’t be okay with him treating her gender like shit. Provided she’s not a self hating sexist (or apathetic), she’d probably be personally offended, right? We should write to her.

(via batsecretary)