This irritates me. A lot. Why? Because I completely disagree with everyone whose claiming some huge sexist mindfuck. Why do people not understand that things are NOT THIS SIMPLE? The man clearly wasn’t pissed at the question because he felt uncomfortable answering it, so much as he was pissed that people were insinuating that something sexist was clearly going down. “What does that mean to you?” I’d be pretty pissed off if someone said “Hey, you’re sexist. Hire more women.”

Does anyone even stop and consider that things that happen to be written by women just might not make as much money? I mean, from my experience, most things I’ve ever read by women had a different feel to it. The women characters were all specifically stressed to be EMPOWERED INDEPENDENT WOMEN, which is fine, except for the fact that that was the only thing that was important about them. Women tend to write men differently too. Guys become all dark and mysterious and get a soft spot for this one chick, or they’re really just sad on the inside, and not just fucked up crazies like the characters sometimes have to be.

I’m sure no one went out of their way to exclude women from anything here. Women simply demand that they get special treatment a majority of the time because they think they’re just as good as everyone else when they’re not. It’s not because you’re a woman, it’s because you’re not up to par. It’s not because you’re black, it’s because you’re not up to par. It’s not because you’re gay, it is because you are not-up-to-par.

Women are more than capable of doing whatever they want, but it’s my experience that the thing a majority of them want to do is bitch when shit gets tough. If people feel there is still discrimination in the workplace, prove yourselves. Don’t fucking sign a paper to make yourself feel like you’ve contributed something All you’re doing is making an issue and inevitably hurting a company that never did anything wrong in the first place.

Assuming cuts were made strictly on the productivity of the workers, and only the least productive members were cut. Fair, right? As soon as you find out the least productive people were female, it’s suddenly discrimination.You hear one quote from someone who didn’t have the time to explain (who wouldn’t have been listened to had he explained anyways) and suddenly everyone thinks he’s the scum of the earth.

yeah, i’m sure that the reason that there has never been a black writer on superman is because there are just no black folks good enough capture the subtle nuances of the big blue boyscout

also LOL

also the internet just makes me want to die sometimes.

please, any time you feel like you should write something like this, stop and think about what you’re saying

they think they’re just as good as everyone else when they’re not

they think they’re just as good as everyone else when they’re not

they think they’re just as good as everyone else when they’re not

because “everyone else” here actually means “men”

black people think they’re just as good as white people when they’re not

trans people think they’re just as good as cis people when they’re not

gay people think they’re just as good as straight people when they’re not

poor people think they’re just as good as rich people when they’re not

short people think they’re just as good as tall people when they’re not

deaf people think they’re just as good as hearing people when they’re not

hey you

I’m trying to figure you out, the best thing I cand probably come up withyou’re probably bitter because people don’t like you in life.

Here is why:

It’s because you think you’re a special snowflake because you happened to be born in the privileged majority. Therefore, everyone else is “inferior” to you. It makes it terrible for you when people point out problems or bring up different point of views. It makes you awful and angry because you’re afraid you’ll have to change and look outside the box. It blows your closed off mind. You’d rather only understand the box you lived in and shut out people who “aren’t as good as you” (eg different) because you’re super thin skinned.

Which is too bad, because you could be learning about these people that are different than you, you could be making a positive impact on the world, you could be looking at how other people live and opening yourselves to new experiences. Instead, you are misogynist, racist and anti-gay (is there a word to replace homophobic that still gets across that these people are virulent and awful, since it isn’t a legitimate phobia and all?) And that’s really sad for you, because it means you’ll live your life in a little box, unable to learn anything new, hurting other people and driving actual cool people away. Any woman, queer person, non-white person who respects themselves and figures out who you are won’t want to talk to you. And so you’ll live in a sad little box, just full of hatred and ignorance.

People ask me why I am passionate about social justice when it makes me angry and sad. It does, but it mostly makes me happy. Because I learn new things. I learn about people who come from different cultures. I learn not be hurtful to other people and check my privilege each and every day, which is a positive thing. I learn to NOT let people like this asshole walk all over me because I happen to be born with boobs and a vagina, and don’t really fit into a sexuality box. I’m able to be aware of what I’m up against and fight against it and stand up for myself. I am able to VALUE MYSELF and not believe people like this asshole when they tell me I’m lesser. I can get smarter and more open minded. And I can appreciate awesome media that actually respects women and minorities and avoids harmful shit and respect people who do the same. I’m able to work towards positive change for the world, and empathize with others and hope the world is more accepting, and doesn’t make people feel lesser. I’m not saying I’m a great person, but fighting this good fight and trying to avoid isms and learn more helps me become better.

That’s what calling about sexism and all the other isms is about. That’s what calling out DC’s SHIT is about. And people who hate that? I feel sorry for them even as I dislike them. Because they live in a sad little box, and will never experience that. Stew in your own ignorance and hatred. Enjoy being a bad person. In the end, it won’t be worth it.

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