Man this discussion of non-Japanese PoC in manga gives me a lot of new titles I want to try!


Thanks for bringing it up, fyeahlilbitofeverything.

It was definitely my privelige (and the fact I have managed to not encounter the super problematic representations so far, though I was aware they existed) that made me not consider that, so I apologize.

For the record, my post has been reblogged a lot (holy shit) and it was not meant to be anything except me sayin “fuck you DC I have other stuff I can read now in your face”

I was not trying to say manga was some bastion of perfection (it isn’t) just that there were a lot more options because manga wasn’t limited to one genre and didn’t inherently only target straight white men. And manga actually respects girls as an audience. Also, it isn’t controlled by a small, small group of people who run on outdated attitudes. And that DC is just sososososososo awful, that it feels oddly freeing to leave it behind. 

I stuck with DC for four years. I love the characters. But this reboot is everything I hate about DC and it’s misogyny and bigotry and it is erasing my favorite characters. And it just makes me feel better to consider the wonderfulness of some of the other things I’m getting into.

I want to get more into indie and European and all kinds of other comics as well. My body is ready. There is a world out there to explore and more characters to love and I am ready to enter it.

I will always be part of the American comics fandom in that I will still participate it and love on the wonderful fanart and fanworks and discussions and go by mu fanon for the characters and love them forever and be with the wonderful people I met from it and value all I learned from it. I will be part of that micro-community! But I will not be buying the product anymore. Because I am not respected by that product.