This post is called “Nev has quit DC and has anime and manga instead and is a happier person”

Here are things anime and manga do that DC never did for me:

*Have a plethora of female creators to choose from instead of like one or two

*Have stories that never regress their characters for no reason

*Female superheroes that are heroes of their own stories and are never fridged and punished because of it

*Don’t screw over the actual story and art in name of corporate interests nearly as much

*Target girls

*See girls as a viable and worthwhile audience and worth respecting and catering to

*Not screw over their female audience and slap them in the face every chance they get

*Not erase their female characters and ignore their female audience

*Don’t cater to nostalgia and straight white men

*A wide range of stuff to pick from, ever-evolving

Of course the reason manga and anime can do this is because there is such a wide variety of creators and titles. Some stuff out there is just as sexist, racist and bigoted as anything DC puts out. But you can AVOID that stuff and find postive titles easily.

So I’m not sad. And I’m crossing over and not looking back. The characters DC screws over will always exist in my heart. They were why I got into comics.

But now I know better. I can’t love something that doesn’t love me, that erases me, that hurts me (so dramatic oh well).

So save for a few Marvel (not going to try to get into it to hard, they’re as much a bastion of misogyny as DC is, once burned twice shy) and indies (which largely don’t have the same problems) done with American Comics for good. And happy to have new interests that aren’t nearly as, well, self-harmful.

also DC if you were wondering why girls tend to read manga instead of you here is a handy list

PS Steph is still my favorite Robin

Cass is still the best Batgirl

Lois is still Superman’s awesome wife and he is Mr. Lane

Lian Harper exists

no one can ever take that away from me