My “Sailor Moon and Chibimoon’s birthday” tag

With the entire “Chibiusa’s Picture Diary” story that starts with their birthday and is about Chibiusa’s possessed present

Happy Birthday, Sailor Gals!

Usagi is really a great hero, and she’s taught me a lot. She’s taught me that femininity can beĀ  power, that love and sparkly stuff can be just as kickass as throwing punches. I’m serious, I think it was Sailor Moon that made me realize that feminity isn’t bad and there’s no wrong way to be a girl, and to celebrate femininity. It’s kind of sad it took me till eighteen to fully grock that, but I’m glad I finally did, and it’s because of Usagi.

She’s shown me the story of her growth into a strong and capable young woman, who can run the world, who never compromises herself, who values her friendships and draws her power her connection to others and is still independent in spite of that, and isn’t ashamed of who she is. She is a frilly, sparkly, wonderful hero who is very much a strong and positive woman, and I love her story of self discovery, and I love all the awesome girlfriends she’s helped along the way.

And Chibiusa is the next generation, pink as all get out, a plucky and capable young girl who struggles a lot, but always pulls it together to save the day and looks to follow in her mother’s footsteps and will befriend and love another girl no matter how different she is. She is the next generation of female power, and she’s proud of it. I think she’s great.

Thanks, you two! For everything! You’re my heroes!