Objectification of men and objectification on women isn’t in any way equal or comparable and here’s why

I have noticed a lotta hubbub in the anime fandom about this recently and heyno, female-aimed centered fanservice isn’t “just as bad” as male aimed here’s why:

1. I have really never seen Female-aimed fanservice as bad as the worst Male-aimed fanservice has to offer. Like, let’s use Free! for an example. From what I see it still follows to basic laws of anatomy. There’s a couple closeups on butts. Big deal. The guys still look like they have internal organs and their spines aren’t made of putty. We aren’t seeing them get into sexy poses as they are tortured and murdered and raped. Their balls aren’t on display constantly. wow. i feel so sorry for you men, having to deal with ass shots. Edit: also, even female-aimed fanservice rarely disempowers men or presents them as passive which is what objectification is really about. Not so for women.

2. Male-aimed fanservice is more widespread and prominent. Fact of life! It’s  rare to see men used for fanservice, it’s generally contained to self insert romance, BL and porn or the odd anime show like free!, whereas women are expected to tolerate sexualization if they want to like, watch almost anything. sitcoms. action movies. police procedurals. whatever.

3. CULTURAL CONTEXT MATTERS. Men can complain about being sexualized when SOCIETY ACTUALLY SEES THEM AS NOTHING MORE THAN SEXUAL OBJECTS. Because seriously, it’s impossible or at least really hard to objectify men because society does not train us to see men as objects. Cis Men are not the ones fighting for the right to have control over their own bodies reproduction. Cis men are not the ones who are the biggest targets for domestic abuse and rape. The iffy thing about female fanservice is that it is inherently part of a culture where sososo many men see women as nothing but a source of sexual pleasure, who feel they have the right to use our bodies however they want. Presenting women, even if they are fictional, as a “service” men can access and use only for their pleasure is a little bit dangerous in that context.

When cis men are the ones being treated as sexual property, they can complain about fanservice. When they stop feeling entitled to sex from women, they can.

4. Female-aimed fanservice can actually be a valuable lesson for men, while male-aimed fanservice teaches us what we already know.

Hopefully there are some dudes out there who see female-aimed fanservice and are like “this makes me feel so shut-out and uncomfortable is this how women feel when they are sexualized?” and actually have a breakthrough. I imagine it’s rare but it could happen.

Women deal with being sexualized and objectified every day in both reality and media, and when they see fanservice they are thinking “here we go again” and maybe fearing somewhere deep down this is all men want to use them for. That’s why it makes us uncomfortable. Men feel uncomfortable because for once, something is not catering towards them. It may be so much less intense than what women have to deal with, but because it’s not as common for them, they get so much madder.