I had no idea this was a thing you could do but I saw June do it so I was able to LEARN TO DO IT!

The links to my liveblogs on the “fandoms and tags” page now link to them all in CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER! Yes, readd them in the order they were written if you’re in the mood to watch me make a fool of myself.

For all my liveblog you can expect lots of snark (even if I like it) the occasional analysis and usually *gasp* gender analysis. I may even call out sexism! This is apparently a problem. I ended up liking or already liked all of these things to a degree

(except for the fma 2003 liveblog which I tried to go into with an open mind despite what I’d heard and my love for the manga, then we got to shit like a girl being “saved” from her crossdressing tendencies and how she’s “prettier dressed like a girl” and crossdressing is naturally a product of grief (???) and Winry being kidnapped by a crossdressing serial killer and rape being used as a lazy plot device in fma- and then the snark monster was unleashed, never to be caged again. If you can’t stand 2003 being criticized, DON’T READ THIS K) 


FMA 2003 liveblog action in which I watch the fma 2003 anime and try and fail not to compare it to Brotherhood a bunch

Conquering FMA 2003 Theatrical Liveblog Action- this movie came up on Youtube, so I thought “why not might as well” and boredom and nazis (?!) ensued.

Liveblog of Versailles- Roses! Freeze frames! Lesbians! Badass crossdressing ladies! Nope, not Utena, this is the original anime to explore that lovely stuff! I liveblog my experience watching this sparkly seventies shoujo of awesome.

Spamming s now (in which I spam Sailor Moon S anime and manga)

Princess Tutu liveblog My experience watching a wonderful anime. <3

Neon Genesis Evangelion Liveblog- Watch my brain melt. 

Evangelion Rebuild Movies Spam- I spam caps and thoughts of Rebuild.

Teen Titans Cartoon spam- nostalgia explosion as I spam caps and thoughts about Teen Titans while rewatching it.