Some of this is taken from other posts. Ladies makin’ history collage.

Mary Gonzalez is the Representative-elect for Texas and will be the first openly pansexual official in the United States. She acknowledged the existence of non-binary identities when she came out.

Mazie Hirono is the Senator Elect from Hawaii and will be the first Asian-American woman in the Senate.

Tammy Duckworth is the Representative-elect for Illinois. She lost both her legs in the Iraq War and will be the first disabled female veteran elected to the House.

Tammy Baldwin is the Senator Elect from Wisconsin and the first openly gay person ever elected to the Senate.

(There was some misinformation over her stance on transgender issues (admittedly, the whole incident was a bit fuzzy at the end) but to clear things up, she has publically spoken out against transgender discrimination and advocated for their rights as recently as last year.)