Okay lets talk about imposter geek grrrls and how they AREN’T EVEN A THING SO SHUT UP

What was a problem with that ad DC ran? There was nothing to indicate that girl wasn’t a geek other than she was a woman wearing some geeky things and talking about facebook. The clear message there was you can’t be a geek if you’re a woman and go on facebook. Oh, and if you’re a woman talking about geeky things you’re a “villain”. 

Was it a problem DC ran it? Hell yes. I don’t care if College Humor paid them. They should have looked at that and been like “hey, we have woman readers and this sort of singles them out, can we choose a different picture?” Of course DC’s bottom line is making money even if they’re terrible at that. But excluding women is not going to make them money and they should have realized that with that ad. But DC has over and over again specifically tried to exclude women again and again. They don’t value them as customers, they’ve straight-up said they don’t even try to aim outside the male demographic anymore. That’s anti-business sense, but DC’s sexism is so severe it often overrides their survival instincts.

Imposter geek girls are a fiction, and a contradictory one at that. You don’t have to pass any test to be a geek. You just have to like things. That’s it! I swear! Telling someone they can’t like things because they’re not “in” enough is the basest bullshit ever. Why do nerdboys think women want to pretend to be geeks? What’s the benefit for them? Sucking nerd cock? I thought nerdboys are constantly lamenting that women don’t like nerds. Either you’re lonely Nice Guy TMs that women scorn or such hot stuff women will fake their whole lifestyle to go after you. You can’t be both at the same time, fellas. In fact, do me the favor, be neither and get the fuck over yourselves.

Yeah, sure, there’s some girls who will be overly smug about being a geek or playing a video game. But dudes are the ones who started it by automatically assuming any woman isn’t a geek and questioning women on their geek credentials. That’s why these girls will act “smug” or like they’re “special”. Because they’re constantly told they can’t be this way, and they feel proud about proving people wrong.

What’s a bigger problem, the fact some girl somewhere once was kinda a showoff about the fact she read comics despite the fact she didn’t know every trivial factoid or girls are constantly told they can’t and shouldn’t read comics? You can’t complain about the effect of the culture you perpetuate. What’s the bigger problem “I’M A GIRL AND I LIKE COMICS/VIDEO GAMES” or the fact that if a guy sees I have a Wonder Woman poster in my room, he will assume I don’t know about the thing I have a poster of and start telling me about the history of wonder woman (incorrectly) according to his great knowledge, bowling over me when I correct him or try to contribute to the conversation because of course he knows better and ignoring the stack of comics on my desk?

Here’s the real “villain” here?