Tigers Eye (as Hawks Eye smiles): She puts up a strong defensive front, but I think I can make her mine tomorrow.

Now to analyze “Storm of Love! Minako’s Grand Two-Timing Plan!”, the episode where Minako gets assaulted. Contains one of the best anime Minako scenes ever.

So, Tigers Eye and Hawks Eye are both going after Minako. As this scene demonstrates, they are basically betting over her and treating her like a complete object that one of them is going to “make his”. It’s completely skuzzy. Minako, being Minako, is happily dating both of them. I find it really interesting that  Tigers Eye thinks Minako “puts up a strong defensive front” in regards to, I guess, being receptive to physical advances. This is a girl who invited a boy she liked to see a x-rated movie with her for their first date, so she’s the type of person who is pretty open about being into sex and physical attraction!

I wonder if Minako is really holding Tigers Eye off because she subconsciously knows what she is, or if Tigers Eye’s real problem is that Minako won’t let him be the dominant one and probably makes it pretty clear she isn’t slavishly dedicated and devoted to him and willing to do whatever he says. I think the latter is very likely, and shows that Tigers Eye’s main objective is to have a woman completely under his control, that’s the only way he feels he can “seduce” her.