I’m just really, really upset. Surprisingly, the spoiler I already knew because of recent events wasn’t what upset me the most, though it was SO MUCH MORE AWFUL than I could have anticipated. No, I am furious with the writers for killing off Tara. No, like, Iget that this show does this, and I get that the stakes always have to be real. For christ’s sake, Whedon killed off the main character twice already! But I am just rubbed the wrong way by this. We get forty-odd minutes of a lesbian couple being happy. We get joy. We get them being physical. We get the only bit of joy in an otherwise awful world, and then one of them is senselessly killed, sending the surviving one into a bout of rage. Like, okay, are the writers just that oblivious to the trope that’s being used here? Are they seriously completely unaware of how often gay/queer couples are not allowed happiness in fictional narratives, or how often gay characters have to die so that other people can experience character growth? And lord, you’re not telling me that Willow’s eyes turning black isn’t a sign that she’s going to revert to using magic again. It totally is! So is this seriously going to be a story where a gay person loses their lover and then loses their sanity? LIKE WHAT IS THIS SHOW DOING.

Fuckin’ Mark, why do you speak to the truth of my soul.