My friend asked me to give my opinion on this list of female superhero movies that could happen

Yeah, I mean, I’d go see any of those movies. Wonder Woman, especially, needs a movie pronto, and I’d love if Etta played a big role, because Etta is fab and so it lady friendship.

They didn’t really seem to give much thought besides “I like this character she’s cool” which might explain why the selection isn’t terribly diverse.

Even not knowing much about ‘em, movie costarring Misty Knight and Colleen Wing could really work- badass lady buddy bounty hunters, it’s got that perfect blend of “edginess” and camp nerds lap up. That angle hasn’t really been worked in a superhero movie yet either.

Obviously, having been established in the Avengers, a Black Widow movie could really do well.

I always thought Cassandra Cain would make an excellent movie protagonist. She’s compelling whether you tie her to Batman or not, and she’s got that dark past and moral ambiguity everyone loves. The whole “raised as an assassin, trying to find redemption” bit, and the body-language skills and speech struggles, as well as the fact her parents are like, both assassins that tug at different sides of her makes it fresh. Being fluent in body language and borderline superhuman at martial arts also could make for some really cool stunĀ opportunities. But there’s no chance in hell of that ever happening.

A Birds of Prey movie could really work too- it’d again, be more street level and espionage oriented thing so it’d be different, a nice ensemble cast, the Gotham connection, and all sorts of directions you could go and several members you could include.

Zatanna could be a fun magic driven campy flick. There’s not really been a movie about a straight up magic-spell-casting superhero yet, so it’d be something new too.