I cannot even begin to express how much I LOVE this!

What about all those times Tuxedo Mask killed a monster with a single toss of a rose when the same monster was kicking 5 Sailor asses for the first 20 minutes. 


oh wait they never happened

not just because sailor moon episodes don’t last longer than twenty minutes but also because what Mamoru does most times is momentarily distract the monster with his dramatic entrance so the girls can kill it. I think he kills a monster all of once and that was mostly by accident (in the anime, he kills at least one on purpose in the manga with Tuxedo la Smoking Bomber). His powerset is not conducive to killing monsters at all, which is why he functions as a distraction most times. Usagi always finishes off the monster. So maybe you should actually watch the show?

Alssssoooo what about that time Sailor Moon had to singlehandedly save the universe aka the end of every season and midseason while Tuxedo Mask is generally either cheering her on or out of comission? What about all the times she rescues him singlehandedly (or he gets rescued by the Outers/another inner Senshi/his daughter)? What about the manga where they generally work as a partnership with Mamoru admitting he’s less powerful and he’s there to support her?

right I was just actually reblogging this not to refute that I just thought I’d do it in the meantime what I was actually reblogging it for was

how the fuck did this get over ten thousand notes

what the hell holy shit what



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