Yeah, so I made an Avatar Click and Drag game. I’ve only seen one of these.

Best Friend: Korra

Enemy: Yue (NO NOT THE MOON)

Has a Crush on You: Meelo (d’awww)

First Kiss : Bolin

Your True Love: Korra (fff yesss)

Bending: Water (yessss I always get water on quizzes and stuff so I assume I’m always a waterbender)

Best Friend: Mako

Enemy: Jinora

Has a Crush on You: Amon

Your First Kiss: Katara

Your True Love: Tenzin

Your Bending: Earth

Does this mean I’m Lin?

Best Friend: Mako
Enemy: Lin (WRY)
Crushing on me: Sokka (iamokaywiththis.jpg)
First Kiss: Mai
True Love: Azula (*SCREECH*)
Bender of: Non-bender

  • Best friend: Zuko. YAY!
  • Enemy: Ty Lee (noooo I love you bb)
  • Crush: What no tahno y you have crush on me
  • First kiss: Tenzin WAT
  • True Love: Amon WAT
  • Bending: Fire

gifs-kun I..

Best friend: Lin YAY


Has a crush on me: Jinora awww

First kiss: Sokka im okay with this

True love: Mai fine with me i guess Iroh’s my enemy because I stole Mai’s heart from Zuko? We’ll work it out over a cup of tea

You bend: Fire

Finally one of these things does not squick me out.

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