Jeanne’s lover Vilette or whatever: Wow! She looks exactly like the Queen!

Prostitute girl who looks like Marie Antoinette: 10 sous for the night, payable in advance.

Villete (with the Queen lookalike on his back): We’re in trouble if she sees this fake queen!

So I love this part. Basically Jeanne is conning this lecherous cardinal into believing he’s actually corresponding with the queen and she likes him. She happens to find a prostitute who happens to look exactly like the queen (I assume while looking for some lady lovin’) and gets her to meet with the cardinal pretending to be the queen.

Sounds like typical shoujo contrivance and evil plotting that could never happen in reality right?

except no this all actually happened. Jeanne is based off a real person who did this and pulled it off. Lookalike prostitute and everything. 

Let Wikipedia tell ya:

Jeanne de la Motte, having entered court by means of a lover named Rétaux de Villette, persuaded Rohan that she had been received by the Queen and enjoyed her favour. Jeanne assured the Cardinal that she was making efforts on his behalf.

This began an alleged correspondence between Rohan and the Queen, the adventuress returning replies to Rohan’s notes, which she affirmed came from the Queen. The tone of the letters became very warm, and the Cardinal, convinced that Marie Antoinette was in love with him, became enamoured of her. He begged Jeanne to arrange a secret night-time interview for him with the Queen, and the supposed meeting took place in August 1784. In the garden of the Palace of Versailles, the Cardinal met with a woman whom he believed to be the Queen. This woman was in fact a prostitute, Nicole Lequay d’Oliva, who had been hired by Jeanne because of her resemblance to the Queen. Rohan offered d’Oliva a rose, and, in her role as the Queen, she promised him that she would forget their past disagreements.

Real life: Weird shit actually indistinguishable from shoujo anime.