(New Avengers Vol 1 - 04)

And this why I like all my lady super heroes to get their own damn name. Unless they’re married, related to or a protege of original male hero, get your own name! I don’t like that “he inspired me!” Excuse. Guess what? Ghandi and martin luther king Jr inspire me, not gonna call myself ghandi girl, mlk girl whenever I fight poverty racism or injustice anonymously. Be more creative and for heaven sakes no one bring up brand name recognition. I hate to be taken out of the storyline by shit like that. Unless your last name is Morrison don’t even bother. Unpopular opinion maybe but idgaf!!!

What bothers me the most is you never see a man taking on the name of a woman hero who *inspired* him. Women aren’t worthy of imitation. In fact, I’ve never seen a woman hero with a male sidekick even, though every male hero seems to have to have at least one female sidekick. The closest was Power Boy…and we all know how that turned out. He definitely wasn’t inspired by Power Girl. Wonder Woman doesn’t have a guy get inspired by her. Comics don’t seem to think men should ever ever have to be in a subordinate position to women. 

Then there’s the “____ Girl” bit that grown women go around using. The women who call themself something-girl are so disporportionate to someone who calls themselve something-boy. Batgirl and Robin are like, the biggest example of this. Robin: while he’s heavily tied to Batman, he gets a unique identity and name independent of Batman’s motif that speaks of his own personality and doesn’t automatically peg him as subordinate. Batgirl: Yeah she’s Batman’s distaff counterpart.

At least Spider Woman’s name choice reflects the fact she’s not a teenager and I think her name choice was supposed to be a coincidence in-universe? Like she wasn’t actually inspired by Peter, she just got Spider Powers and went for that name?(I could be wrong though, I just saw that somewhere) Of course, out-of-universe the logic was “she’ll only sell if she’s connected to a dude, even if she’s not actually connected”

It’s been like this since the beginning and comics see no reason to change. I suppose it’s nice that they warn you “hey we think women are second class” right in the names.

the only thing i have to say about this is the wonder woman part.  even if there was a guy inspired by her she would never except him as a side kick.  as an amazon it’s women only for her.

I’m not sure what gave you that idea, she seems to like boys fine. In Gail Simone’s run, Achilles became pretty close to being “Wonder Man” though they didn’t dare use the name and she was totally fine with that. She made her boyfriend an honorary Amazon. Though he did pretty much nothing to deserve it, that shows she think guys can be Amazons too. I think she’d be really pleased to be able to influence a young boy to respect women, that’s kind of what she’s supposed to be there to do “teach man to accept the amazon ways” etc

but DC would never do it because you know

they’re them.

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