>…stop generalizing about entire countries.

That’s… The definition of culture. The sexual harassment and workplace treatment is what I’m talking about though. Their glass ceiling is actually set in stone.

Also, all that magical girl stuff? Has two target audiences. Little girls and 30 year old men. They’re FAMED for pantyshots.  Everything has a double purpose and a hidden meaning. ALSO, VERY IMPORTANT: in Japan it is considered normal for girls to have romantic crushes on other girls and then grow out of it.

I’m an anime nerd. I love… Well, some of this stuff. I prefer it to American media almost always. That doesn’t mean that the underpinnings of most of this stuff isn’t creepy as fuck.

Studio Ghibli is flawless tho.

okay yeah

you shouldn’t generalize about other cultures was actually my point

so i can see you’re not going to get it

the lgbtq couples I was discussing were not. little girls. Haruka and Michiru in Sailor Moon were eighteen/nineteen by the end of the story. Touya and Yukito in CCS are older high school boys. etc 

also wow I didn’t know any of that stuff about magical girls! Golly i’m just so ignorant about my favorite genres somehow!

basically we can feel good about how America is so less sexist when America stops fetishizing and stereotyping Japanese women deal?

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