Robin: (Pulling on Starfire’s arm with his entire body, his leg braced against the wall, and still not managing to budge it. She is giving him a “bro what r u doin” look): Raaaaven asked us noooot to disttttuurb her!!

Starfire: But she could be weeping and-

Robin: I don’t want to bother heeeeeerrrrrr!

this will always crack me up. mostly because he delivers the lines exactly the way I typed them. HE IS SO SCARED OF BOTHERING SOMEONE WHEN THEY ARE ANGSTING ALONE. HE WAS RAISED WITH THIS BEING THE NUMBER ONE NO-NO IN THE WAYNE HOUSEHOLD CLEARLY. SO DESPERATE HE IS TRYING TO PULL BACK STARFIRE’S ARM WITH HIS ENTIRE BODY. And she’s like “wow I don’t even feel that you really need to calm down”

I love them so.