I don’t want to do this. How can I protect someone like her? Before she came, everything was peaceful. Part of me just wants to hand the Silver Crystal and Chibi-Usa over to them and get everyone back…

Usagi, are you serious?

How could I be serious? … I’m… just tired.

God this scene

Look at her forced little smile there, she’s so frustrated and desperate and it’s like

this whole situation

her life went to crap when Chibi-usa came

she feels like she’s lost everyone she loves

of course she’s entertaining the idea “part of me wants to just end all this” SHE IS SO TIRED. not physically, but emotionally. EVERYTHING HAS COME DOWN ON HER SO HARD

but even with all that, she can evaluate herself and say, “No I would never do that. This is coming from my frustration. No matter what has happened because of her, I will protect her and I will get everyone safe. Even if it means I’m not safe.”

This is why she’s my hero. She has all the petty human feelings we have. But she struggles past them because of her strong heart. 

(Source: idesofnovember)