Final (probably!!) FMA 2003 wrap up posts- top ten ridiculous things in fma 2003 pt 1

1. Roy. Apparently the fact he oh idunno assisted in a genocide wasn’t enough of a reason for him to desperately stake his life on trying to make things right. Nah, as far as the anime was concerned what he did to the Ishvalans wasn’t you know that important, they had him kill Winry’s parents as well, a job that didn’t really make sense and wasn’t suited for an important alchemist like Roy since his whole thing is he blows stuff up and they could have had anyone with a gun take care of two civilians. See, killing nameless Ishvalans isn’t a big deal, but if Roy ices a main character’s parents, we really get that he feels bad and we’re all shocked at him for real! Is the show’s logic I guess.

Racist implications aside, if the plot went anywhere and led to a super emotionally fraught confrontation between Roy and Winry and real tension between Roy and Ed and Al, it might have been interesting but um. They didn’t do that. Winry barely confronted Roy and Ed and Al stone cold didn’t seem to give a shit. The plot point basically went nowhere. Roy was basically let off the hook because he felt bad and was trying to make up for it, while the manga made it clear he could never atone for what he did, he just wanted his remaining life to be useful and helpful to those he wronged. But so much for that moral.

2. Hohenheim. Honey, I’m sorry, they made you such a dick. How are we ever expected to see Hohenheim as remotely sympathetic with all the shit he did in this anime? He killed thousands of people on purpose, he abandons his wife and kids for no reason other than “I have a rather intense skin condition” (and we never find out if he told Trisha shit about his past or why he was leaving I guess her feelings are not important), he went into hiding rather than dealing with his former partner he basically gave the tools to be a murderous force of evil not even considering she would target the family he abandoned he just decided not to deal with the problem and wish it would go away what a stand-up guys, he keeps ON abandoning Ed and Al and to top it all off, he also abandoned the homunculus of his son and just decided not to deal with that. And all he plans to do to make up for this is not murder again. Okay. And somehow Ed doesn’t beat the shit out of him.

The anime tried to convince us he really loved Trisha, but we never saw them together or any of their relationship, and again, we don’t know whether he told her anything about himself. He also didn’t seem that upset about her death or into taking care of her sons.

3. Personal ethics are for losers- TO KILL OR NOT TO KILL???- Ed just…reallly flip flopped on what his philosophy of life is. I guess that’s part of growing up, but he did it SO MUCH he just wasn’t a very consistent character. I hate killing! No I’m okay with it! NO I’M A HARDENED KILLER! no I’m not! Yes I am! I only care about my brother! I care about other people! I like Roy! I hate Roy! Equivalent exchange! No equivalent exchange! Oh I guess I don’t know! The point is, Ed kept to a very strict sense of ethics throughout the manga, and never abandoned them even when it caused him a shitton of trouble and even when he knew it was stupid. The opposite is true here, he abandons his principles whenever stuff gets too hard. It’s okay to do that sometimes, but if your hero does it all the time, why should I even care? The series ends with him trying to bring back the dead again, meaning he basically learned nothing? But it works this time, because of reasons.

4. WHO CARES ABOUT OTHER PEOPLLLE- Like in this anime, Ed and to a lesser extent Al seemed a hell of a lot more self-centered- they were focused on each other over anything else. This led to REALLY BIZARRE SHIT like Al deciding he’d just rip a ten year old kids arms and legs off just so he could reattach them back on Ed, Ed saying he didn’t care what the homuculi did with the philosipher’s stone as long as he got his bro back, letting Shou Tucker go free, and basically ignoring Winry and disregarding her feelings at all times (Ed never considers how hard this is for her. NEVER. He barely thinks about her when she’s not there). This weirdly made their bond feel a lot less strong to me, especially since their arguments were a lot more malicious than in the manga.

5. Homunculi- not only were they the keepers of fridge logic, a lot of their plot points went nowhere-  Who was the original lust and what even happened to her, who were Bradley and Gluttony even rezzed from? Envy being Hohenheims son went nowhere. Why did Bradley have to keep his remains around? Could he not have them destroyed? Why was he stupid enough to kill his son to ensure the remains remained in the room. How did he age or even have a son?

Bradley and Envy were soooo one-dimensional too, and barely utilized. Sloth’s deal was lyke whut too basically “Momunculus” encompasses her whole being for real. Rather than really explore the issues Sloth and Lust faced, they just killed them off. Wrath awkwardly wanders off at the end, the show didn’t seem to know what to do with him.

I couldn’t really sympathize too hard with the desire to be human either, since there didn’t seem to be anything differentiating them from regular humans other than superpowers, inability to do alchemy (unless you’re Wrath! Somehow!) and functional immortality ). It doesn’t help that the show itself pointed this out several times.How was a philosopher’s stone supposed to turn them human anyway? I guess it would restore their memories and take away their superpowers? I dunno. maybe because I found¬† the homunculi were so well defined and thematic and has certain depth with their relationship to humanity in the manga it biases me but…

This wasn’t as funny as it should have been I’ll try to be more light hearted for the next five.