Actual good anti rape campaign posters! They don’t shame victims, they ask people to examine their own actions and inactions and protect their friends. And not in a gross excuse for chivalry either, just as people keeping people safe.

See, I have to seriously question this.  Like many and similar, it feels like an awful lot like placing the responsibility for women’s safety on the men around them rather than themselves.  I don’t see that as acceptable, especially given that every single poster depicts men.  A message of “look out for your friends,” I might have been okay with, but this quite distinctly and clearly targets men and men only.

The message is clear: “It’s your job to look out for women, because you’re a man.”

“Please put yourself in danger to protect the women around you”

Classic chivalry.

So are women supposed to be able to prevent their OWN rapes, generally by men who are physically stronger than them?

I guess they could prevent themselves from getting raped by not drinking or dressing revealingly, right?

Look, somebody’s going to have to stand up. A woman has absolutely no control over a man who’s trying to rape her (unless she knows self-defense, maybe). Another man might.

Contrary to what you’re saying here, there are PLENTY of anti-rape campaigns targeted at women. Don’t walk alone. Watch your drink. Don’t drink too much. Don’t dress revealingly. Carry pepper spray. Learn martial arts. Don’t talk to strange men. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Maybe it’s time that men started thinking about how to end sexual assault, too.

I don’t know if any of you know this, but Men Can Stop Rape is an organization totally dedicated to teaching men how to end sexual violence against women. So, you know, you sort of have to expect that their campaign would focus on what men can do to stop rape, being as that’s the entire goal of their organization.

So, I mean, if you don’t want men to help stop rape and teach other men not to engage in sexual violence, then that’s, well, that’s pretty anti-feminist of you. 

And no, it’s not “your job is to look out for women” it’s “your job is to be a decent person and help prevent violence against an unprivileged minority who may not have the power to protect themselves against a larger, stronger, privileged person”. Because, you know, that’s what decent people do.

“Please put yourself in danger to protect the women around you”

More like ”Be a decent human being and say something if it seems like a woman is being harmed or taken advantage of.”

I think this is a great campaign/message, honestly.

I’d put myself in danger to protect the women around me, and I’m also a woman. Looking out for people is part of being human. Women are in danger just by being women, how is that fair? Guys are in a better social position to convince other guys not to harm women, so they have some extra power that comes with their privilege. Since they have it right now, they should use it for good rather than horribleness.

plus, none of these sound like those guys are putting themselves in danger. Tell your friend to stop being a horrible person? I HOPE that doesn’t put you in danger, otherwise get a new friend. Check to make sure a drunk friend is okay? That’s decency 101, with no risk to you. Calling her cell to give a girl friend of yours an out isn’t confronting a dangerous man, it’s GIVING YOUR FRIEND AN OUT. get a clue, get a life, stop being so selfish. This is a good campaign. You can help women without being paternalistic or putting yourself in danger. These are some ways to do that.

(Source: yellowcars)