Oh right before I forget I did another Sailor Moon music video. This one covers the Sailor Moon Stars arc? Description yo:

The song is Usagi Tsukino’s Stars image song, “Ai wo Shinjiteru” or “Believe in Love” sung by her voice actress Mitsuishi Kotono and written by the mangaka Takeuchi Naoko.

I absolutely adored Usagi’s strong character arc in the Stars manga and thought it was a perfect finale and culmination of her hero’s journey, so I wanted to make a vid.

You can turn off the english subtitles by clicking the CC button at the bottom of the video window and clicking “turn captions off”

No1curr but whatever I like it.


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So I reuploaded this amv/video after making some changes- very minor changes, there two timing errors/issues in it that really bugged me (and probably only me) you might not be able to notice the difference. BUT I DO, so!

Please stick around till after the credits, because then the last verse of the song plays with manga panels after them- I used the credits as a buffer to break up the two parts.

"The Tower" by Vienna Teng is one of my fave songs and it’s perfect for Winry. So this is kinda a sad video.

The one who survives by making the lives of others worthwhile

she’s coming apart, right before my eyes

She says “I need not to need,I’ve always been the tower 

But now I feel like a flower trying to bloom in the snow”.




So, because I obviously have no life, I decided to start a project making videos with subs for Sailor Moon Image Songs I like!

I started with “Hottokenai Yo! (I Can’t Leave Her Alone)” sung by Hisakawa Aya and Tomizawa Michie, the voice actors for Ami and Rei. It’s a really cute song obviously set in the first season that really captures the friendshiptastic awesome ladyful spirit of Sailor Moon. Here’s the source I used for the subs:

Seriously, best, cutest, most wonderful lyrics:

[Both:] I can’t leave her alone, I’ll help her out
Because I’m her friend, I’ll combine forces with her!
[Mars:] Mars Power, Make Up! [Both:] Let’s go!

[Mars:] What’s wrong? Did you get refused by some guy again?
Dazed and confused? SMILE! 
There’s no point in BROODING about it!
[Mercury:] No way! 
[Mars:] Being in a dither over a Guy, of all things!
Look! We’ve got things we’ve gotta do!
The enemy is starting to succeed in pushing us back; 
We have to be strong, and get on with routing them.

[Mercury:] But, you know… If you, and the 
guy you love, are able to get together…. 
[Mars:] we promise we’ll protect the two of you! 
[Both:] We’re friends, so call us right away!
Mercury Power, Mars Power, Make Up!

I love them <3.

oh look time for my totally stealthy reblog of myself one day later~

no spoilers past the first season!



fma meme: favourite female character
↳ winry rockbell

"you helped a mother deliver her baby and saved both of their lives. you gave me an arm and a leg to stand up with. your hands are not for killing. they are hands that save people’s lives."



so guys you may remember I once did a tribute to Cassandra Cain, badass to end all badasses, to the tune of Pat Benetar’s Invincible.

Well, I rewatched it recently and I wasn’t happy with some of the sloppy editing, it ruined my enjoyment. Basically, the reason for that is it was made back when I’d just gotten my new laptop, which only had Windows Live instead of Windows Movie Maker six AND LIVE IS ACTUALLY FRIGGING IMPOSSIBLE TO EDIT ON. hence the sloppiness! I eventually managed to find and redownload six and only use Live to chop up clips of mkvs I have and convert them to wmvs which it’s very handy for!

So long story short, I decided to redit this. Not major edits, I just shortened a lot of awkwardly long panel time of USELESS PANELS, added some sensical action sequences to take up that time, cropped some stuff to look better and basically tried to make it flow better with the lyrics and music. So, um, enjoy the improvement!

granted it was pretty hard to reedit an entire vid without starting from scratch, so this is still a little sloppy rewatching it. but eh. I never really got the hang of comic AMVs i guessss.



It’s back, baby! Guess what’s finally back up on Youtube. It was taken down for a while, but I filed a counterclaim and it’s back at last. Finalllllyyyyy.

If I Were a Weapon by Suzanne Vega is the song and the video is clips from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. It focuses on the badassery of Winry Rockbell, Riza Hawkeye, May Chang and Lan fan. 




Soooo…I tend to make AMV’s when things are stressful for me, thus I ended up making an AMV just as midtermness was winding up of clips of Sailor Moon to “The Origin of Love” from Hedwig and the Angry Inch and stuff.

It turned out better than expected, I thought. It was kind of fun! Esp since Sailor Moon is super queer so I could easily get couples to represent the various “children”. Kunzite was sort of double-cast tho…anyway, the song was playing at one of our college lectures and I really love it, so I just wanted to do something fun with it? So.

I’ll just reblog this bc I’m pleased it turned out decent and I think it probably got lost among the NGE and stuff.

ive seen people who like akio

yeah me too. i remember a thread like “why was movie akio so pathetic”

more like “why do we care, he was always pathetic, sorry”


hetaliagirl96 asked: Haha, no one loves Akio xD He's a great villain but that's about it. For me, it's Saionji and Ruka that rub me the wrong way the most. I certainly don't like Touga but... I don't know, Saionji is pretty self-explained but I've met people who genuinely don't think Ruka did anything wrong and it bugs the hell outta me. Maybe it's because I love Juri so much and felt so sorry for Shiori (yes, she was awful but I always felt so sorry for her) that I can't stand how Ruka hurt them both.

Yeah, people who justify Ruka are just…he sexually assaulted Juri. Dude crossed a line there and he can’t uncross it. And regardless of what an awful person Shiori is, exploiting her sexually and publically humiliating her isn’t justifiable.

Shiori is just a lot more interesting than Ruka and easier to understand anyway, especially with the extra material that confirms she did have feelings for Juri. She had feelings for her, but the  fear of entering a relationship played a role there- she also couldn’t give up the sense of power that came with having Juri pining after her since she always felt inferior to Juri. Shiori has a majorrrr inferiority complex. That’s why she threw herself at Ruka to and debased herself for him, this sense of inferiority. And that’s why when Juri was no longer pining after her, Shiori suddenly was tagging along after her- she realized she no longer had power over Juri, but she was still fixated on her.

Ruka never had that kind of complexity. He wanted to “free” Juri by an means necessary because he was also obsessed with her and he was about to die. That’s it, that’s his character. Once he serves his purpose in the plot, he dies, and Juri is like “whatevs” and so was I. Regardless of feelings about Shiori, she’s a lot more interesting and there’s a lot of stuff going on there- it’s easier for me to sympathize with her because having a crush on another girl when society frowns on that can fuck you up and it can feel a lot safer to just play weird power games instead. It doesn’t excuse what she did, but there’s a lot of different angles with her and reasoning for her actions. Ruka doesn’t have this, so I have no idea why people are so intent on excusing him. He’s not a very interesting character and he was there to serve one purpose, and did some inexcusable things in serving that purpose.


hetaliagirl96 asked: Least favourite Utena character? :D

Haha, Akio. 

Touga, Saionji Akio and Ruka noneathem get any love from me. They work fine for what they did in the plot and what they symbolized, but fandom romanticizes them wayyyy too much.