seunghosexual asked: Hello! I really like your blog and reviews and to be honest, reading your review about The Twelve Kingdoms made me want to read the novels even more. Since I will be going to the US this summer, probably to Washington D.C., I thought that I could ask you if I can still find the novels in libraries? I won't be able to order anything online though :< Sorry to bother you! Thank you ♥

I don’t know if you can! They’re out of print but the odd library might have them. There are free english translations online.  just google “eugene woodbury twelve kingdoms”


wishes for Sailor Moon reboot: Mamoru says “all the girls know who i am” again at least once

maybe it can be his official introduction.

"Sailor Moon, Soldier of Love and Justice!"

"And Tuxedo Mask! All the girls know who I am."


"that’s it, that’s my power".


okay I literally just clicked on 3 SuperS episodes and


"Eh? Mamo-chan is having an affair?" (he’s not)

"Artemis is having an affair?" (HE’S NOT)

"Mamo-chan is cheating with a beautiful young widow" (HE IS NOT)

what is it with this season and every guy in the show (read: two) being accused of having affairs.

someone on the supers staff was definitely a victim of their honey cheating on them

or was unfairly accused of cheating in their eyes and was like “I WILL WRITE 10 SAILOR MOON EPISODES THAT SHOW HOW EASILY YOU CAN BE MISTAKEN FOR CHEATING”



Lady: To lend an umbrella to a woman you’ve never seen or head of…I wonder what you’re expecting!

Mamoru: …

Mamoru’s face during this whole thing



I have a girlfriend she is the future queen of the world and savior of the universe and  not only would she would murder me if I ever even thought about cheating on her

but you are like 50 I swear I am not hitting on you

I only go for 14 year olds with dumpling hairstyles

I am Tuxedo Mask I protect the pure hearts of all women something something


how can you not have heard of me

All the girls know who I am”

buccaneer’s arm - 10/10 would swoon again; lan fan’s arm - 10/10 why didn’t anybody tell me about this sooner; paninya’s legs - 20/10 bc there are two of them; ed’s leg - 8/10 expert craftsmanship but poor upkeep


that’s the blog


Robin’s dream sequence in the Teen Titans Go! episode “Dreams”

oh my god

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why do people make fun of mercury’s bubble attack that was badass

they’re just jealous, tbh

she does amazing, physically impossible things with those bubbles


I’m trying to think of a funner use for my old winry rp blog i did for giggles

what about winry rating every fictional metal limb available on a completely arbitrary criteria

and then when that gets boring fictional mechanics

i don’t know



another another tags to type and post the tag that comes up

  • she
  • he
  • they
  • im
  • yea
  • well
  • if
  • ok

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